Path of Exile Making Chaos Orbs with Stack Decks Guides

In Path of Exile, stack decks have become a hot commodity. Players are buying them in bulk, and the allure of what lies within these decks has driven many to try their luck. But why are stack decks so valuable in this league, and what exactly are people hoping to get out of them? In this guide, we'll delve into the fascinating world of stack decks, exploring why they've become a sought-after item and what you can expect when opening them.

The Item Flippers' Game

Item flippers are a group of players who have a keen eye for opportunity. They purchase stack decks in bulk, typically at around 3.4 chaos orbs each. These individuals aren't looking to use the stack decks for themselves; they're capitalizing on the potential profit. Many item flippers buy stack decks in large quantities, often aggregating them into lots of 5,000 or more to resell at higher prices. However, if you're patient and willing to deal directly with end consumers, you can command even higher prices, possibly reaching 3.5, 3.55, or even 3.6 chaos per deck.

Cracking the Stack Deck Code

Recently, a community-driven research project has shed light on how stack decks work. Researchers reverse-engineered the formula determining which divination card you receive when opening a stack deck. This project analyzed data from over 2 million stack decks, providing insights into the game's drop weights of various divination cards.

Card drop rates can change, and documented alterations between patches have occurred. For example, the drop rate of the "Humility" card became five times rarer in a later patch. Such changes, especially to high-profile cards, are closely monitored by the player community.

The 20 Divination Cards That Matter

Regarding stack decks, not all divination cards are created equal. In fact, 20 divination cards significantly contribute to the expected value of stack decks. Expected value refers to the average value you would get if you opened many stack decks and only picked up a specific card.

Embracing Variance

Stack decks are a gamble where the odds are in your favor, but not overwhelmingly so. You could think of it as a coin toss where you win $2 on heads and lose $1 on tails – a favorable but not guaranteed proposition. Stack decks' odds are less skewed, meaning you'll win in the very long term, but you can't count on immediate success. It takes hundreds of thousands, not thousands, to guarantee profits from stack deck openings.

The Role of Rarity

The 20 valuable divination cards in stack decks are notably rare. Only two of them are somewhat common – "The Patient" (1 in 683 stack decks) and "Monochrome" (1 in 1,200 stack decks). The rest are even rarer. Divine Beauty, for instance, is close to 1 in 1,250 stack decks, making it one of the more valuable cards.

Additional Cards and Inflation

While the 20 key divination cards contribute the most to stack deck value, other cards like Void (1 in 150 stack decks) and various map-related cards also add to the equation. It's essential to consider these smaller contributors when evaluating the potential value of stack decks.

League-specific mechanics, such as Sanctum, have contributed to inflation, driving up the prices of items that the mechanic can't produce. This further increases the allure of stack decks in leagues with such mechanics.

Looking Ahead

The Path of Exile community continues to work on projects to refine the understanding of divination card drop rates. A comprehensive spreadsheet with drop rate estimates for all divination cards is in development, offering players a valuable resource for making informed decisions regarding stack decks.


In the world of Path of Exile, stack decks offer a tantalizing opportunity for players seeking rare and valuable divination cards. While the odds may not be stacked overwhelmingly in your favor, they do favor those who are patient and persistent. As you delve into the world of stack decks, remember that luck can be both a fickle friend and a generous benefactor, but with knowledge and strategy, you can increase your chances of hitting the jackpot.