Old School Runescape Grand Exchange And The Latest Price Movements

This week's Old School RuneScape Market Watch will examine the Grand Exchange and the latest price movements. Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting your adventure, our guide will highlight items on the rise and those falling in value. Stay ahead of the game by making informed investment decisions or seizing opportunities to acquire items at a low cost before they surge due to upcoming game updates.

Price Rises:

Let's start by discussing items that have experienced price increases this week.

Enforcer Walk Override: This cosmetic item has recently secured the top spot. Its price fluctuates based on the frequency of treasure promotion events. Keep an eye on it if you're into cosmetics.

Marrentill: At 1.6k, Marrentill herbs are an excellent option for low-level farming accounts. Consistency with herb farming can easily cover your membership costs.

Congealed Blood: With the growing demand for Necromancer potions, Congealed Blood's price has risen to 563 Runescape coins. It's also a great choice for training purposes and offers a decent profit margin.

Soft Clay: Priced at 1.4k, Soft Clay enhances the profitability of the Soft Clay method in Construction training.

Carapace: This item, currently at 200k, is in high demand due to its use in the Archaeology sets. Its value is expected to remain solid.

Mahogany: At 51k per plank, Mahogany is a solid option for money-making, especially for low-level players.

Astral Runes: Priced at 1.3k each, Astral Runes are profitable to craft and a viable low-tier money-making method.

Frames: Frames are predicted to soar in value, especially before the next Bonus XP weekend. Stock up now for a potentially lucrative investment.

Grapes: Currently at 7k each, grapes could be a smart choice for preparing for the next Bonus XP weekend, where their price may surge.

Wyvern Bones: On the rise, Wyvern Bones offer both Prayer and Herblore experience, making them a worthwhile investment.

Price Falls:

Now, let's explore items that have seen a decrease in value.

Pure Essence: Pure Essence's price has plummeted to 170 coins each, making it less attractive for money-making.

Papyrus: Falling just below 500k, Papyrus is no longer as profitable as before.

Subjugation Gear: Subjugation items have experienced a decline in value, as have other GWD1 gear sets

Silverhawks: Currently at 2.8k each, Silverhawks are worth considering for future Bonus XP weekends.

Overloads: At 82k each, Overloads are nearing a point where they could be a wise purchase for upcoming events.

Bloodshards: Down to 15.1m, Bloodshards may not be as lucrative as they once were.

Historic and Third Age Components: These components have seen a decrease in value due to reduced demand.

Santa Hat: While still valuable, the Santa Hat's price has slightly dipped.

Appraisal Codex: This item is on the decline as more players acquire it.


This week's Old School RuneScape Market Watch covered various items on the rise and fall in the Grand Exchange. Whether looking for profitable investments, gearing up for future events, or simply interested in market trends, staying informed is crucial to your success in Gielinor. Keep an eye on these items and adapt your strategies accordingly. Until next week, happy trading!