RuneScape Gold Easy Making with Tectonic Essence Magic

This guide will walk you through a simple gold-making method in RuneScape that requires minimal grinding. You can earn a significant amount of Runescape gold by following a few steps and utilizing specific items. Let's get started!


  • Completion of the "While Guthix Sleeps" quest
  • Slayer Cape (optional but recommended for faster access)
  • Access to the forge in Curadel

Step 1: Obtaining Tectonic Essence Magic

  • Head to the bank and grab your Slayer Cape (optional).
  • Travel to Curadel and locate the sand hole entrance.
  • Enter the sand hole, and you will find a glowing forge.
  • Approach the forge and use your Vertus Mask (right-click and select "Use").

Note: You can also use other pieces, but Vertus Masks generally offer better value in terms of the number of essences obtained per piece.

Step 2: Breaking Down Virtus Mask

  • Right-click on the Virtus Mask and select "Break down."
  • After breaking it down, you will receive Praesulic Essence Magic.
  • Examine the Praesulic Essence Magic to check its value.

Note: The price listed is a rough estimate and may vary in the Grand Exchange. Monitoring the market can help you determine the best time to sell.

Step 3: Selling Magic Essences

Slowly sell the Magic Essences on the Grand Exchange.

Tip: Consider buying supplies gradually and making daily runs to the Wilderness to purchase stone bindings from the shop. This can help you save gold compared to the higher prices on the Grand Exchange.

Step 4: Crafting Elite Tectonic Pieces (Optional)

Obtain Chaotic Remnants from the Dungeoneering store. You need one for crafting.

Note: Chaotic Remnants can be purchased for dungeon tokens, which are relatively easy to obtain.

Follow the requirements and use Draconic Energies to craft Elite Tectonic pieces.

The crafting requirements vary based on the piece and its level requirements.

Extracting Praesulic Essences yourself can be more cost-effective.


Plan which Tectonic pieces to make based on your available components and crafting level.

Consider starting with the lower-level pieces if you still need to reach the required crafting level for the higher ones.

Accumulate supplies gradually and sell finished pieces over time for maximum profits.

Multiple accounts (alts) can increase your buy limits and profit potential.


This gold-making method in RuneScape offers a straightforward approach to earning substantial profits. You can achieve considerable financial gains by gradually acquiring and selling the necessary components. Keep an eye on the market prices and adjust your strategy accordingly.