RuneScape Forester's Guide: Maximizing Farming Gold

Welcome to the ultimate guide for maximizing profits as a forester in RuneScape! In this guide, we will explore a highly profitable method that takes advantage of the tradable items in the Forestry shop. Participating in events and utilizing specific strategies can earn substantial amounts of Runescape Gold while unlocking valuable rewards. So, let's dive right in!

Exploiting Tradable Items:

Recently, Jagex made all items in the Forestry shop tradable, including previously untradable items. This change presents an excellent opportunity for players to profit. For example, the Funky Shaped Log, used for pet transmogrification, can be obtained without spending excessive time gathering Animal Infused Park. Instead, you can purchase Log Braces from the Grand Exchange (GE) and sell them back to the Forestry store for a significant amount of Anima Infused Spark. Repeat this process to amass enough Anima Infused Spark to buy out the entire Forestry shop, unlocking both tradable and untradable rewards.

Maximizing Event Profits:

To further enhance your profits, participating in events is crucial. Join a friend's or Clan Chat that calls out events, such as Rising Roots. These events grant substantial amounts of Anima Infused Spark, which is the currency we'll be focusing on. The recommended worlds for these events are World 510 (EU) and World 487 and 444 (NA). Joining these events consistently will yield the highest amount of Anima Infused Spark per hour.

Event Strategies:

a. Hot Spot Teleports: Woodcutting events usually spawn at designated hot spots throughout the game world. It is essential to cover as many of these hot spots as possible. Some popular locations include Seers' Village, Camelot or Catherby with teleports, Kandarin headgears, Hosidius, and more. Use the most efficient teleports available to quickly access these areas.

b. Priority Events: The Rising Roots event should be your top priority due to its high Anima Infused Spark rewards. Cutting Enchanted Roots grants six Anima Infused Spark per cut, compared to the regular two. The Struggling Sapling event comes second, while the Flowering event offers the least amount of rewards. However, during certain occasions when Roots are scarce, participating in any event is still beneficial.

Profit and Experience:

By focusing on the Rising Roots event and actively participating, you can earn up to 200 Anima Infused Spark in just a few minutes. Considering the average value of one Anima Infused Spark, you can potentially make 200,000 GP in a short amount of time. Additionally, this method offers decent Woodcutting experience, with some players even achieving up to 70,000-200,000 experience per hour.

Adapting to Changing Circumstances:

It is important to note that the profitability of this method may change over time as the market adjusts. Prices for rewards and Anima Infused Spark may fluctuate. Therefore, it's crucial to take advantage of this opportunity while it lasts and adapt your strategy accordingly.

Cashing In:

After a few hours of dedicated participation, it's time to cash in your hard-earned rewards. The two items we recommend focusing on are Log Braces and the Clothes Pouch blueprint. The Log Braces can be sold on the GE, while the blueprint can be crafted into the Clothes Pouch, which typically sells for a higher price. By selling these items, you can earn substantial profits.

Planning Ahead:

If you have the patience, consider saving your Anima Infused Spark for the upcoming update that introduces tradable 200 access. These items are expected to have high value when traded on the GE. However, if you prefer immediate profits, sell your Anima Infused Spark now and make the most of this opportunity to earn up to 5 million GP per hour.


In conclusion, the Forester profession in RuneScape is currently an incredibly profitable endeavor. By utilizing the tradable items in the Forestry shop and actively participating in events, you can amass substantial amounts of wealth while gaining valuable Woodcutting experience. Keep in mind the fluctuating market conditions and adapt your strategy accordingly.