PoE Currency Strategies: Maximizing Rewards in Vaal Temple Maps

In Path of Exile, exploring and optimizing maps is a key aspect of gameplay. One map that often gets overlooked due to its challenging layout and underwhelming boss encounters is the Vaal Temple Map. However, with a strategic approach and some adjustments, you can turn this map into a lucrative venture. In this guide, we will delve into the details of transforming Vaal Temple Maps and maximizing your Poe Currency rewards by utilizing the Atlas tree and strongbox modifiers.

Transforming Vaal Temple Maps

Assessing the Map: The Vaal Temple Map has a difficult layout, including numerous doors, narrow passages, and cramped rooms full of monsters. The boss encounters are also not particularly desirable. Despite these drawbacks, the map offers good item drop density.

Guarded Vile Vessels: These unique strongboxes can be found in Vaal Temple Maps and drop valuable items like double-corrupted uniques, corrupted gems, and jewels. They function as strongboxes and are affected by Atlas tree modifiers.

Atlas Tree Strategy: By strategically allocating Atlas tree points, you can modify the Vaal Temple Map and its associated strongboxes. The "Twist of Fate" notable in particular is crucial, as it transforms the map into a different type, effectively changing its modifiers. Unfavorable modifiers like "Players are cursed with Elemental Weakness" can be replaced, providing an opportunity for better outcomes.

Enhancing Strongbox Modifiers:

Strongbox Nodes: Certain nodes in the Atlas tree enhance the power of strongboxes. Notable options include "Strongboxes in your maps have 15% chance to be guarded by an additional pack of monsters" and "Strongboxes in your maps can be opened a second time." These modifiers increase the number of monsters encountered and the potential rewards.

Increased Quantity of Items: Another valuable Atlas node is "Increased Quantity of Items Contained." This modifier boosts the number of items dropped, further increasing your chances of obtaining valuable loot.

Execution and Tips:

Beware of Risks: The modified Vaal Temple Maps can be challenging, especially with increased modifier effects. Proceed with caution, as the difficulty may be higher than anticipated. Prepare your character appropriately and ensure you have adequate defenses.

Map Drops: The modified Vaal Temple Maps have a chance to drop a considerable number of tier 16 maps. Keep an eye out for these drops and consider their value when trading or using them for personal progression.

Corrupted Items: Expect to find many corrupted items, including unique maps, jewels, and other equipment. Some of these corrupted items can fetch substantial prices in the trade market, especially if they possess desirable implicit mods or are double-corrupted.

Fragments and Divination Cards: Alongside corrupted items, you will acquire fragments, divination cards, and other valuable drops. These can be sold or used for personal progression.


By employing the Atlas tree's modifiers and utilizing strategic strongbox nodes, you can transform the Vaal Temple Map into a profitable venture. The Guarded Vile Vessels, acting as strongboxes, provide an opportunity to acquire valuable loot such as double-corrupted uniques and corrupted gems and jewels. Remember to exercise caution during your runs, as the difficulty may be significantly higher. With proper preparation and execution, you can make the most of your Vaal Temple Maps and enjoy the rewards they offer in Path of Exile.Poe CurrencyPath of Exile