Make Runescape Gold With Chest Keys

When playing Runescape, there are many different ways to make RS Gold, one of which is opening chests with specific keys. In this guide, we'll go over the different types of chests and their respective keys, as well as which ones are the most profitable and efficient.

Muddy Chests:

Muddy chests can be found in the center of the lava maze and can be opened with muddy keys. While they used to be a lucrative source of income, the nearby aggressive NPCs have made it harder to access the chest. To avoid the Ripper Demons, it is recommended to use a Shield of Arrav Deadman spell. While the profit from muddy chests is still decent, it's one of the slower methods in the game, taking over 25 minutes to do 250 keys.

Crystal Keys:

Crystal keys can open both the Crystal Chest and the Tablet Chest. The drops in the Tablet Chest are more profitable per key, with the rune drop being worth near 200k GP. Crystal keys are more efficient than muddy keys, taking only around 7 minutes to do 250 keys. The buy limit for crystal keys is 100 per 4 hours, making it a bit more challenging to do this method for an extended period.

Sinister Keys:

Sinister keys open the Closed Chest, which requires level 49 Agility to access. Getting to the chest can be annoying due to the webs and clickboxes. The chest itself is also frustrating as you can't spam click it and instead have to click it with a second delay. While the profit from sinister keys is decent, it takes 34 minutes to do 250 keys, making it one of the slower methods in the game.

Alchemist Keys:

Alchemist keys were introduced as part of the Zeah update and can be auto-banked. The chest is located near the Zeaharack Dungeon 4 Bank, making it easily accessible. This method is the most efficient, taking only a few minutes to do 250 keys. While the profit is slightly lower than other methods, the buy limit for alchemist keys is 1000 per 4 hours, making it an excellent option for extended sessions.


Overall, the most profitable and efficient keys to open are the crystal and alchemist keys. Crystal keys have a higher profit potential but have a lower buy limit per 4 hours, while alchemist keys are more efficient and have a significantly higher buy limit, allowing for longer sessions. Muddy and sinister keys are still decent methods but take longer to complete and have some challenges, making them less attractive options. By using this guide, players can decide which chests to open based on their goals and preferences.