Guide to Completing Quests to Obtaining Runescape Quest Cape

The Quest Cape is a highly coveted achievement in Runescape that requires completing all 156 quests in the game. With this guide, you will learn the fastest way to complete all the quests and obtain the Quest Cape.

Tutorial Island:

To start your journey towards the Quest Cape, begin on Tutorial Island. Here, you can unlock a Rune Pouch with a Rune Pouch note and use Bolt Enchant Runes on the Pouch for early Mage levels. Afterward, head straight to the Church and complete Restless Ghost.

Rune Mysteries:

Once Restless Ghost is completed, start Rune Mysteries and teleport to the Water Altar with the Ring of Elements, which teleports you to Crafting Alters. Here, you can unlock another Rune Pouch with a Rune Pouch note and use Bolt Enchant Runes on the Pouch for early Mage levels.

Wizards Tower:

Head to the Wizards Tower to complete three quests at the same time: Rune Mysteries, Skull for Restless Ghost, and Imp Catcher. After that, go to the Lumbridge Courtyard to start Pirates Treasure, X Marks the Spot, and Romeo and Juliet, which can be threaded together with Gertrude's Cat.

Slayer and Hunter:

Once Gertrude's Cat is complete, start Slayer and Hunter with Bird Houses on any Slayer Master. Afterward, go to the Museum for Kudos and the Slayer for Hunter.


To train skills that require levels in the 60s or 70s, use the following methods:

  • For Construction: use Bagged Plants, which also give Farming exp.
  • For Magic: enchant Crossbow Bolts, which can be cast every game cycle.
  • For Prayer: hire someone to run Bones to the Gilded Altar and use Superior Bones. Then use Condensed Gold to get 50 Construction, further boosting your XP.

Fairy Rings:

To get around the game quickly, complete Fairy Tale Part 1 to unlock Fairy Rings. With these, you can travel to remote locations with ease.


With this guide, you should be able to complete all 156 Runescape quests and obtain the Quest Cape in record time. Remember to follow the steps in order and focus on RS skills to boost your XP gains. Good luck on your questing journey!