ESO Fury of the Reach DLC adds 25 New Bundle

The Elder Scrolls Online has been a popular MMORPG since its release in 2014, but recent changes to the game's monetization have raised concerns among players. The release of the Fury of the Reach DLC introduced a new way for players to obtain Ragebound Crown Crates - by purchasing a 25-crate bundle that includes a new polymorph. While the bundle may seem like a great deal for some players, many are worried about the impact of such aggressive monetization on the game's community.

One of the main concerns is that the bundle is expensive, costing around $100 USD. This can be a significant expense for players who want to gamble for items, as there is no guarantee that they will get what they want from the crates. Furthermore, the fact that the new polymorph is only available through this bundle means that players are essentially being asked to pay for the privilege of gambling for items.

Another concern is that the bundle takes away from the potential quantity and quality of rewards from the base game. Players often turn to the Crown Store or gamble crates to obtain the items they want, with some players spending a lot of Eso Gold or real money to get the items they want. This can create a cycle of players spending money to get items, with little incentive to actually play the game and earn rewards.

Many ESO players are calling for more rewards within the game that players can actually earn by playing the game. They want rewards that have been earned rather than simply being able to purchase items through the Crown Store or gamble crates. This would encourage players to play the game more and spend less time and money on the Crown Store or gambling crates.

While the Fury of the Reach DLC and the new 25-crate bundle are a great way to acquire a new polymorph, players should be aware of the impact of their purchases. ESO should also focus on rewarding players for playing the game in order to retain players and build a strong community. By balancing monetization with rewards that are earned through gameplay, ESO can ensure that the game remains popular and engaging for players of all levels.