Scream 6: Ghostface Takes Manhattan - Watch the Most Ruthless Ghostface Yet in New Featurette!

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The key distinction here however is that Scream 6 really looks simply plain great. Whereas the Huge Apple-bound Jason Voorhees goes around kicking youngsters' boom boxes (opens in brand-new tab) as well as punching peoples' heads off (opens up in brand-new tab) in comic style, Yell 6's Ghost face seems a lot a lot more systematic.

A brand-new Scream 6 featured calls the most up-to-date model on the iconic villain one of the most fierce Ghost face yet, and divine heck, I believe it.

Video footage from the upcoming sequel, some brand-new as well as some old, is intermixed with commentary from the actors and filmmakers. With each movie, Ghost face is obtaining a lot more extreme, states Jenna Ortega, who played Tara Woodworker in Scream 5 as well as reprises the role for Scream 6.

At the beginning of the video clip, we see Ghost face go into an ease store in New York City, where the film happens. A store staff member intends a shotgun at the covered up awesome and also fires, yet Ghost face somehow evades the attack, takes the gun, as well as blasts the poor man right into oblivion at point-blank variety. Absolutely harsh.

This Ghost face is one of the most fierce, and just eliminating people for murder's purpose, claims Sam Woodworker star Melissa Barrera.


That claimed, there's a relentlessness that is special to this certain Ghost face, claims co-director Tyler Gillett. This can be seen in the way the killer sprints, jumps, and maneuvers with a somewhat much more extreme resolution to murder his victims than previously. I can't wait for Scream 6 to premiere on March 10.