Power Level Your Gear with Life Force Orbs and Primal Life Force in Path of Exile

If you're looking for an efficient way to power level your gear in Path of Exile, look no further than Life Force Orbs and Primal Life Force. This combination is one of the most powerful methods for obtaining item level 86 or higher gear, especially rare boots like the elusive fugitive boots. By using Life Force Orbs and Primal Life Force, you can force the item level of your gear, even if it is only a base item.

Once you have your gear with the desired item level, you can either sell it as-is or enhance it further with Tailwind mods and awakenings. In addition, you can use Perfect Fossils and Fracturing Fossils to further improve the quality and mods of the gear. Perfect Fossils are used to add quality to an item while Fracturing Fossils will reforge the item and recreate the base. Using Fracturing Fossils also allows you to keep the Elder Implicits on the item, making it even more valuable.

For Armor and Energy Shield gear, you can maximize the base value by looking for items with a base percentile of 100. You can then use Eldritch Orbs and Chaos Resonators to add Powerful mods to the item, increasing its value significantly.

Finally, one of the most profitable methods for early in the league is using Ferric Flame Hellion Alpha to create Unique Rings. By using Tainted Fuse, you can easily make a 6-link item that can be sold for up to 10 Divines. This is a very easy and profitable method of making Poe currency early in the league.

The combination of Life Force Orbs, Primal Life Force, Perfect Fossils, Fracturing Fossils, and Ferric Flame Hellion Alpha are all powerful methods for power leveling your gear in Path of Exile. With the right combination of these methods, you can make a significant amount of currency in the early days of the league.