How to Play a Power Spellbreaker in Guild Wars 2?

Guild Wars 2 offers a variety of classes that players can choose from. One of the most popular classes is the power Spellbreaker, a build that combines the damage of a warrior with the support of a spellcaster. In this guide, we will take a look at how to build and play a power Spellbreaker, including skill rotation, gear, and more.


For the power spellbreaker build, you will want to focus on the berserker's gear stats with scholar runes. Your weapon set should include a hammer with force and accuracy sigils, a dagger and an axe with force and accuracy sigils. This will get you to 71 crit chance, however, due to the spellbreaker traits, you will gain a lot of stats, including precision, every time you remove boons or disable an enemy. This will allow you to reach way over the crit cap. Additionally, you will want to use defense and strength with all the damage modifiers, as you will gain adrenaline whenever you cc an enemy and the hammer has lots of cc's. This will allow you to keep up your adrenaline and use your burst skills.

Skill Rotation:

Your number one priority should be to use your burst skills to get the most damage modifiers. Your opener should be bulls charge into the staggering blow hammer 4. This will give you enough adrenaline to use earth shaker and landing it will give you weakness, as it is a burst skill and you do more damage to weakened enemies. You will also put the mage bane tether on the target and do more damage to tethered enemies, while also cc’ing them, giving you attackers insight and more adrenaline. You then want to use your hammer 2 and recharge it with your hammer 5, before using it again. After that, you want to use your breaching strike and ax 5 for more damage modifiers, before using your ax 4 to get the cooldown for whirling ax going. This is your heaviest hitting ability, however, if you used bulls charge in your opener, it won't be ready for when you want to use it. Every time after, however, you should save bulls charge for whirling ax.

When you have time in between your skills, use your banners to give your team quickness and other boons. You don’t need to use your banners off cooldown, however, and you should weave them in between your burst skills. To provide quickness and other boons to your team, you will need to go for discipline and strength and use the doubled standards trait and three banners. This will give your team a lot of resistance uptime and stability, while also providing quickness. You will also need to use assassins trinkets to make up for the loss of precision due to not using the fury signet.


Despite being full berserkers, you can still provide the role of a tank for your team. To do this, you will need to put on some nights gear until you have more toughness than the next highest person. You then want to use full counter to block attacks and evade afterwards. This will give you a lot of survivability, as bosses don’t attack very fast. Additionally, you can use defiant stance to turn all damage you take into healing, which can be used aggressively to ignore mechanics and keep doing damage.

In Conclusion:

The power spellbreaker build is a great way to play a traditional warrior in Guild Wars 2. By following this guide, you will have an understanding of the build, skill rotation, gear and more. With the right gear and skill rotation, you will be able to play a powerful and supportive role in your team.