How to Making million Gil in Final Fantasy 14?

Welcome to my guide on how to make your first million Gil in Final Fantasy 14! Making money in this game can be tough, and many guides require you to have high-level crafters and jobs to farm activities, or a lot of money to spend. I'm here to share the exact details of how I made my first million, and this method is almost entirely risk-free. 

One way of making consistent  FFXIV Gil is to take advantage of people being lazy. There's an NPC vendor in the major hub cities that sells most dyes for a fraction of the cost that they are in the marketplace. For example, midnight blue dyes cost 216 Gil from the vendor and sell for 621 across all American servers. That nets you a handy 405 profit per dye. It may not seem like much, but it adds up.

Housing items can be particularly profitable, especially around major housing expansions. Thousands of people suddenly needing to decorate really makes prices skyrocket. The timing on this video isn't the best, but prices are still up overall. Head on over to the market board, pull up the web page for the housing merchant, and compare the NPC’s prices versus those on your server. Make sure to also take note of how often these things sell.

Crafter and gatherer gear can also be a great way to make money. Surprisingly, some NPCs sell that stuff, but usually, those vendors are spread throughout the world and people with a lot of money don’t want to bother traveling to get it. Check around the major cities, particularly those in Ishgard, to see if there are some profits to be made on your server.

Another thing you can make a killing off of is starting gear. There's an NPC vendor in each district that sells all the level-one starting gear for each race, including those outside of your own. While they won't sell like hotcakes, they can earn a good 300k Gil. List one or two at a time and when they sell, trudge yourself back to the vendor and buy some more.

These are the 25 items that were the most profitable for me in total. They earned 2 million Gil. My most profitable items were the housing items, followed closely by the crafter and gatherer sets. Food, starting gear, and dyes had lower numbers but also involved significantly less risk.

For crafter and gatherer sets, I was generally looking for 20 to 30k profit per piece. For food, I was looking for 10 to 30k. For dyes, check to see which dyes are required for the Bastion report each week and time it right to earn a lot of money. For housing items, look at those stacks of homes and documents. They cost just a few thousand Gil from the vendor but sell for 35 to 50k on the marketplace.

Do your own research and figure out what works. Markets shift every single day and what works now might not work tomorrow. Good luck and be sure to leave a like or subscribe if this video was helpful!