How to Craft Poe Magical Body Armor with a Minimum Quality of 28?

In this guide, LOLTANK will show you how to craft a magical body armor with a minimum quality of 28. First, you need to use a Hunter's Exerted Orb to get Hunter's influence on it. Then, head over to the Water Crafting Station to reforge random items, including critical modifiers. You should aim to get Tier 1 attacks and Tier 2 Spell Crit and Spell Create on the PoE item

Next, you will need to use the Orb of Dominance, which will elevate one of the influenced mods and delete one of them. Aim to elevate the attack or life present. You can also use a Weekend orb to potentially get some better mods. 

Finally, use a Waking Orb and Assassin's Orb to get some good suffixes, such as Teal Wondrous or Spell Suppression. You can also use a Custom Mode Reforge to potentially get an additional curse, such as Unveil +% Life. 

We hope this guide has been helpful in showing you how to craft magical body armor. Good luck and happy crafting!