GPS Locator - The Sons of the Forest Keep You Safe From Cannibals on a Terrible Island

The Sons of the Forest GPS Locator will assist you not obtain shed on the terrible island including cannibals. You can utilize these locators to locate your companions and friends, along with identify the locations that can be seen later.


When you start your adventure at Sons of the Woodland, you begin all alone, with your major tools as well as a GPS tracker. Looking at GPS, you see 3 sights are marked. These attractions, marked on your general practitioner tracker, will certainly assist you discover the Sons of the Forest GPS-gapers.

Place of the Sons of the Forest GPS-Locator

The location of the three GPS-gallows that you can discover initially has already been noted on your card from the actual beginning of the game, yet, nonetheless, we gave you a map to ensure that you remember it.

Look for a hanged person

The very first GPS-Locator closest to you is near the cliff. It seems to be difficult to find, due to the fact that you can not locate the body of your colleague. The body hangs from the high cliff. Climb to the top of the cliff, and after that cut the body to put it on the ground as well as take the locator along with various other objects that he had with you.

A flashlight is the main item that you need, in addition to the locator in Boys on the Forest.

general practitioners grave gap

This is the hardest locator, because it is on the body buried in the ground. You require discovering a shovel before going for a locator. Dig a grave as well as discover a rope, a locator and also a riser gun.

gotten rid of

This GPS Locator is situated near the beach. You need to swim into the ocean to get it. You need to swim to the locator from the beach, and also you can see a red floating gadget drifting distant. Obtain up to the buoyancy and serrate it to obtain a rib, a gun and also a dead shark.

Exactly how to utilize GPS losers in Boys of the Woodland

The main usage of locators is to provide to your teammates to make sure that you can track them in the video game. The place of the locator is always displayed on your GPS. You can also utilize them to set up card pens anywhere if you play alone, or you have additional locators. As an example, if your whole base is hidden, you can use these locators to note their location on your GPS. This will certainly not let you get lost in the substantial world of Boys of the Forest.