Final Fantasy XIV New Weapons Coming?

Final Fantasy XIV has captured the hearts of gamers for over two decades, and part of its longevity is the memorable weapons used by the game's characters. One of the most iconic weapons in the franchise is the Twin Blades used by Zidane Tribal, a favorite among fans.

The unique design of the Twin Blades is one of the reasons why it is so popular. The weapon is a great source of inspiration for a new job in Final Fantasy XIV. This job could fit into the physical melee category, along with Samurai and Dragoon, with scouting abilities like a Ninja. It could also be a tank job, which would be ideal for Dark Knight mains.

Adding the Twin Blades to the game could also provide a backstory for the weapon. It could be a favored weapon of the people of Corvos before the Guardian occupation, or a weapon used by people in Maricidia or the new world. It could even be associated with a new spell school from Dalmasca now that it is free.

While there is no telling if the Twin Blades will make a return to Final Fantasy XIV, many fans would love to see it happen. It would be a great source of inspiration from the franchise and add to the game's already impressive arsenal of weapons.

In conclusion, the Twin Blades is an iconic weapon from Final Fantasy IX, and it would be great to see them return in Final Fantasy XIV. Adding the Twin Blades to the game as a new job or a weapon found in the world would be a great addition and provide fans with another way to experience the franchise they love. The developers have shown they are willing to use past games as inspiration, so it is not impossible to hope for the return of the Twin Blades. Until then, fans can only imagine what the weapon would look like and what it could do in the game.