Exploring Runescape Most Intriguing Easter Eggs and Fun Facts

Are you an experienced Runescape player looking for new things to discover? Look no further! In this article, LOLTANK Will explore some of the most interesting Easter eggs and fun facts about Runescape that you probably never knew.

Let's start with the Lumbridge Swamp Cave. Head to the far eastern section of the cave, where you can find four Cave Goblins. The first time you talk to them, they may think you're trying to hurt them. However, if you persist in talking, you may be offered a lit torch or even a tinderbox. This is made possible by the Eternal Fire in the Lumbridge Cave, which means you no longer need a light source there. But did you know that, if you don't have a light source and you linger in the cave for more than 20 seconds, tiny little insects will start hitting your character every single tick for 1 damage? This will interrupt any conversation you have with an NPC.

This means that, if you don't have the Eternal Fire, it is impossible to have the initial conversation with the Cave Goblins, as it requires more time than a single tick. The only way to get the lit torch offered by the Cave Goblins is to have spoken to them before and then enter the Lumbridge Swamp Cave without a light source. This is an incredibly unlikely scenario and is one of the least-seen bits of dialogue in the game.

Another interesting thing about the Cave Goblins is that the dialogue options depend on the brightness of your light source. If you're feeling mean, you can even threaten to hurt them, which will make all four Cave Goblins panic and run away.

Moving on, there are also 8 Cave Goblin Miners just outside Dorgesh Khan in the Dorgesh and Mines. If you talk to them, you will find one of them has an old chat head model from between 2005 and 2007. This is one of the few ways to access an old chat head model that was changed before 2007.

Hans in Lumbridge can also be scared away by threatening to kill everyone in the castle. You can even manipulate him to move in the direction you want by running to either side of him. The ultimate challenge is to scare him all the way back to the Goblin Hut east of the castle, though it is very difficult due to all the potential obstacles.

Finally, there are a few smaller fun facts about the game. For example, the General Stores in Shazen and the Void Knight Outpost share the same stock. Additionally, the spell NPC Contact on the Lunar spellbook allows you to talk to various NPCs without needing to speak to them directly.