Complete List of Problems Bungie is Aware of in Destiny 2 Lightfall Expansion

The most recent expansion of Destiny 2, Nightfall, is finally available and ready for players to enjoy. Kind of. As with any great launch, several obstacles are still being worked on the way as players try to solve the login problems. Here is the complete list of problems that Bungee has knowledge in Destiny 2 Nightfall.

Destiny 2 Nightfall All known errors and problems

As the first day of Nightfall and Season of Defiance begins, we want players to be aware of certain information and problems we are investigating. Of a single thread (1/6): -Bungee help (@bungiehelp) February 28, 2023, The Bungee's Twitter account has shared a thread of all problems related to Nightfall expansion for Destiny 2. Here are all the things that the company has shared about what is wrong with Destiny 2: The object of guardian range legendary lost sectors in solo can be completed with legendary and teachers lost sectors. Anyone who has the range of Guardian 6 and begins Nightfall will not receive books 1 to 6 from Vanguard Lore, but will receive book 7. The explanation of the seasonal reset for Guardian Ranks is incorrect. The ranges from 7 to 11 will be restored to range 6 when the season ends.


  • Triumph Ascendant of Scepter Mods cannot be done.
  • The Thread lings are not being created by Swarmers Warlock Exotic Legacy if the players had the equipped Strand Shackle.
  • The activity modifier protected enemies shows a position marker icon
  • The exotic elements for the Quicksilver Storm automatic rifle and the Touch of Malice explorer rifle are not processing their increase in 40% damage against the enemies of the red bar.

How to inform a problem to Bungee

Image through Bungee If you find anything in Destiny 2 with what you have problems, Bungee has a help forum. Players can publish problems and see other problems that people are fighting and that Bungee has not yet addressed. That is the complete list of problems that Bungee has knowledge in Destiny Nightfall 2. You can know some problems such as the One Moment Please error and find out if Destiny 2 servers are fallen by consulting other guides. Related Posts How many people are playing destiny 2 right now? Answered Destiny 2 Times: How long will you take a log? Explained How to get the exotic arc Vegas curve in Destiny 2 How to get exotic titan boots Against Leap in Destiny 2 Destiny 2 temporarily in capacity: What does it mean, you can fix it and more