Unlock the Secrets of the Galaxy with Metroid Prime Scanner: The Original Detective Mode

He hated Scan Metro id Prime Viewer as a child. All other Camus skills help you kill things, get to new areas or solve riddles, but everything you can do with scan visor is to read things, and I do not mean that shit of Nerd. I was bothered to scan because it didn't matter how much I tried to complete 100 percent, I would inevitably forget about scanning a boss during a fight and would ruin the entire race. Scan Visor is in the same category as traditional books and audio records.


I'm glad it's there, but it's not for me. That is what I used to think when I was young and very stupid, but Metro id Prime Remastered has given me a new appreciation for Scan Visor. In truth, Metro id scan mechanics have almost nothing in common with the scrolls and cassette tapes that play designers like to spread around the world to give more flavor these days. Camus Scan Visor is a critical narration tool that guides us Genetically through the world of Metro id Prime. Camus can be an ex officio hunter, but in Metro id Prime plays the role of detective while investigating the disaster aboard the Orphan and, finally, the complex story of Gallon IV. The visor scan, then, is Sherlock Holmes's magnifying glass, an essential tool for research. And while the Arkham series can receive credit for being a pioneer in detective mode, Metro id Prime did it first and, in many ways, he did it...