The Complete Guide To The DCU Reboot: All Films And Series Explained

Just Recently, James Gun and Peter Saran had actually presented the very first details of their prepare for the redesign of the DC Extended Universe and shaken some surprises out of their sleeves. The fans not just anticipate a reboot from Superman and a brand-new variation of Batman together with a slightly different technique, however also a variety of other films and series. So that you do not lose the introduction, we have actually summarized the most essential information for you.

the films and series from the new DCU

  • Animal Task force: This is an animation series based on the comic of the same name and is about beings such as vampires, werewolves and zombies. There will be a reunion with the character Weasel, which could currently be seen in The Suicide Team. Rick Flag Sr. is also said to have a popular look. The series is said to consist of an overall of seven episodes, all of whom come from James Gun.
  • Waller: A live action series that concentrates on Amanda Waller (The Suicide Team). The story is stated to be located in between the 2nd and first season of Peacemaker. Chrystal Henry and Jeremy Carver serve as authors.
  • Lanterns: also a live action series in which Hal Jordan and John Stewart will be in the spotlight as green lantern. The design of this series must be equivalent to that of Real Detective.
  • The Authority: This movie is based on the comic series of the exact same name, in which a group of superheroes shows actions that are not always understandable. These include characters such as Free fall, Rainmaker and Swift.
  • Paradise Lost: The series is dedicated to the Amazon island of Themyscira and lies before Marvel Woman's first film with Gal Gadot. The story is supposed to remind you of design and structure of Video Game of Thrones.
  • Super girl Lady of Tomorrow: A film that all about the Superman cousin and its way to grow up. There should be clear distinctions to the previous appearances by Super girl.
  • Booster Gold: A series of a hapless character from the future that travels and pretends to be a superhero.


  • Overload Thing: Another movie about the thing from the overload, which is supposed to stand apart from the 2019 series in numerous methods.

When do all the new DCU productions appear?

Far, James Gun and Peter Saran have actually made practically no info about the starting dates of the new films and series. The Superman mentioned at the beginning: Legacy is scheduled to come to movie theaters on July 11, 2025, but more details have actually up until now been hardly known. However, that must change over the next few months, after all, the fans have a rough timetable on hand. Source: James Gun via Twitter To web page Share remarks 0 in Twitter Share Short Article