Tearful Farewell to ProSieben: NFL Super Bowl Edition - Eagles vs Chiefs

For numerous football fans, the Super Bowl will be a difficult goodbye and for the whole Prospered for the entire television group anyway. For the last time, the last is running for a broadcaster of the ProSiebenSat.1 group, which has actually made US sports extremely popular, especially amongst young individuals in recent years. NFL professional Jakob Johnson from the Las Vegas Raiders emphasized the meaning of the station as a goodbye. The reality that football is no longer just a limited sport is thanks to the 'RAN NFL' people, Johnson informed the German Press Company (DPA) in front of the Super Bowl in Glendale, Arizona. 05. February 202301: 17: 16 hours

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Awards, awards, awards! Prior To the Super Bowl, the crowning splendor of the season, the league will offer its NFL Formality its NFL Honors in the course of next week. Michael, Jan and Death make their projections beforehand: Who will end up being MVP, who will win the novice prices, who will be a coach of the year? In addition, there is the solemn best of the Icing Honors! The 3 young boys present you the spectacular award winners, who were determined in an internal coordination of the editorial team. Get on something! The next episode Icing the with the most crucial matchups in the Super Bowl will be offered next Thursday. Photo credit: Imago/ Yuma Wire

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12.01.2023 More podcasts American football is now the second most crucial team sport amongst the young viewers after football. Given that the start of 2012, the broadcaster of the ProSiebenSat.1 group has actually increased the number of live broadcasts and have actually increased with the partly idiosyncratic reporting for figures such as Christoph Ice Dogfish, football expert and coach Patrick Resume, ex-professional Bjorn Werner or Carsten Tengelmann repeatedly set up quota records. The buzz about the NFL visitor video games in Germany likewise involves the comprehensive, flippant and at the very same time well-informed reporting.

no more additional charge for Prospered.

The duel of the Philadelphia Eagles with the Kansas City Chiefs on Monday (0.30 a.m. CET) is now the last game for which ProSiebenSat.1 has the. From the coming season, the TV rights totally free TV will be with the RTL group. Emotional sorrow continues to this day, that can not be denied, said sports director Alexander Roster of DPA. It came especially high again on the last program from the studio, he said about the semi-finals nearly 2 weeks ago.


In Glendale, the station group is now on website in the USA at the last. From the first day we expressed that we wish to continue, stated Roster about the talks with the NFL. The frustration was all the greater when RTL was awarded the contract in September in 2015 and, despite twelve years, his broadcaster had been empty with the working out quotas in the negotiating about media rights. There were tears with some workers. Roster's company had actually taken over the NFL reporting in Germany in 2012 from the ARD and initially relayed the Super Bowl at Sat.1. This season there will be 56 games, nearly all on the big broadcaster 'Prospered'. This is not comparable to other rights that reoccur, stated Roster to bid farewell.

It may not have actually been due to the chances.

Why did the National Football League choose? It may not have actually been because of the odds. The increase in the audience interest, especially in the more youthful target group, was exceptional, said Roster. With the Super Bowl alone, the increase was more than 100 percent. In 2021, more than two million people enjoyed in the middle of the night.

The majority of the season is not kept in Germany, so most of the fans will be through the media partners.

NFL Germany employer Alexander Stein forth. The NFL is a company, stated expert Johnson, who has actually been active for Las Vegas Raiders because last season. His guess: At the end of the day, the numbers at RTL looked much better. The NFL is always a fan of making more cash than less. They do not think about that a neighborhood has developed with 'Ran'. Is, but I likewise think, an opportunity for something new..

It is not yet known how precisely this new could look. RTL has not yet announced a team of workers, mediators and professionals from the scene. This will likewise be amazing to observe in which instructions the broadcaster lines up the whole.

NFL Germany boss Alexander Stein forth established the change from Prospered to RTL with bigger growth chances on the Cologne broadcaster, who is currently not yet to comment on details. Television partners are just crucial for the NFL. Most of the season is not held in Germany, so many of the fans will be on the media partners, stated Stein forth. For us, the goal was to discover a partner with whom we desire to start the next growth step..


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