Revolutionary #Teenage AI Filter Causes Crisis on TikTok and Twitter

The AI filter #Teenage filter causes a sensation on TikTok and Twitter. Because he makes people look much younger again. Some are overwhelmed by their memories of the past, but others also see dangers in the new technology. The teenage filter is an AI that transforms the input of your camera into a younger self. In this way, people who are between 40 and 60 years old suddenly look like 16 again. The hashtag #Teenage filter generates more than 250 million views on the videos and shows how many people are currently interested.

#teenage filter is fun for many, but also harbors serious dangers

The first reactions: The first have already tried the filter and are pleasantly surprised.


Many of the middle age have tried this and suddenly see their much younger ego again. Many find this impressive, but also think about what they have done with their lives in the past 20 years. In this example you can take a look at this:

When I think about when I was the last time I looked so young and what I had gone through until then. It seemed as if my smile had never lost his life, but sparkling in my eyes had been gone for so long. 20 years have passed, and I wonder what will be in another 20 years. In various videos on TikTok you can see how some have to struggle with their feelings when they are back to their younger I and see their past few years past themselves. Possible dangers: However, some warn of the new trend. Because what some use for fun can quickly become dangerous for some.

Some point out that young people and children can be deceived with such pictures and videos in order to then instigate them into action. The cyber criminologist Prof. Dr. Thomas-Gabriel Rudder (our cover picture) therefore thinks it is important that parents and children know what a trend is towards them. Because behind the person who introduces himself as a 15-year-old is a 40-year-old who has nothing good in mind. In combination with the possibility of realistically imitating voices, this could cause various surprises and completely new problems. The well-known WoW streamer Mongol has now experienced such a surprise. Because an AI had copied him so precisely that he thought at the beginning, that could be himself: