Page Title: Save Sebastian Sallow's Twin Sister Anne from Her Curse in Hogwarts Legacy

The tragic story of Sebastian Sallow is one of the most convincing and heartbreaking relationship missions of Hogwarts Legacy, where he will not stop at anything to cure his twin sister of his terrible disease.

So, with this in mind, you may wonder, can you save anne sallow from her curse? The only way to answer this question is to provide a general description of this dark narrative. Before continuing, it should be noted that there are main spoilers for sebastian Sallow's relationship missions ahead.

Is there any way to save anne sallow at Hogwarts Legacy?

Based on the result of the Shadow saga, Anne cannot be saved from her curse in hogwarts Legacy. To understand what happens during this story, we will explain it from the beginning, when Sebastian asks you for the first time to find the cure for his twin sister.


In these missions, he resorts mainly to the dark arts to save it, in which he uses the unforgivable curses and seeks answers in a calamitous old book. Unfortunately, Sebastian's search to save her leads him to launch Cedar on her uncle and tutor, Solomon Sallow, who has constantly tried to stop him in his search for the cure, since it seemed impossible. As a result, Anne retaliates against her brother and finally asks her to never see her again. Although players cannot save her, they can still make the decision to imprison Sebastian in Azkaban or let him go. It should be noted that this decision does not affect the main story, but of course, it affects the result of the Sallow search line. Players can also know the truth behind Anne's curse during the confrontation against Victor Rook wood, who was the real culprit of inflicting the curse. Before this revelation, it was always believed that Rank's loyal had made the act, but in reality, it was a dark wizard. In addition, those who did not give Sebastian can tell him this news after completing one of the latest missions, or Minis will transmit the message with the end of the imprisonment. That is enough for our guide on whether you can save Anne at Hogwarts Legacy. To get more content, be sure to explore the relevant links below, including our guide on how to learn all the unforgivable curses. Related Posts Is Professor Fig evil at Hogwarts Legacy? Answered How to cut a pendant dug bog in Hogwarts Legacy How to hit a calling spider to explode at Hogwarts Legacy How to bury the head of a spider on the floor at Hogwarts Legacy All the locations of the astronomy tables in Hogwarts Legacy