Fear the Physian: The Gathering of Magic.

Wizards of the Coast (Wizards) is the world's first strategic trading card game (TCG) Magic: The Gathering (Magic) : All Will Be One has been released to MTG Arena. The table-top will be officially released on the 10th.


Magic Story Arc 3 Act Pixie: It is centered around the oldest villain in Magic history, which will be one, and Anorexia, which deals with their dimensions. Following the last set of brothers, the plans Walker heroes are depicted to save the largest multi-buses with the invasion of the Fijian Corps. This set expresses a fearful and bizarre atmosphere by expressing the new leader of Flesh and followers in a biotechnical body horror.

In this set, you can see the new card capabilities of the Fijian theme. If the opponent has three or more poison counters, the corrupted that makes my card more powerful, and the oil counter, which shows the effect of the spread of Pixie throughout the multibus dimension, and the existing capacity poison counter and large synergy and large synergy. Toxic has been added to kill the opponent faster.

The new set consisting of a total of 271 cards will be available in various lineups such as draft booster, set booster, collector booster, jump start booster, commander deck, bundle, bundle: complete edition.

In particular, the borderless showcase card, which feels a rough brush touch, saves the horror atmosphere of Pixie. The 10 plains Walker Cards showcase the Borderless Manga Card with the Horror Manga concept, and the Flesh Non-Borderless Cartoon Card, which collaborates with famous Japanese horror cartoonist Ito June, also increases the fun of collecting boosters.

The basic land of the Pixie and the panoramic front illustration, which expresses MANA symbols infected with Pixie, adds fear of Pixie.

The oil finishing card, which expresses the oil-covered Pixie level, can only be found in the Bundle: Complete Edition Limited Edition, which will be released in March.

In commemoration of the launch of the new set, Wizards has prepared a promotion through Never's official game lounge and YouTube. In addition to the promotion for customers who purchase the set box, there are also various promotions to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Magic.

More information about new sets and promotions can be found in the Magic Game Lounge.