Benedikt Doll Shoots Bird: Mixed Relay at the Biathlon World Cup in Oberhof

Lonely and alone Benedict Doll banged in the Overpower witch kettle, hit his hands in front of the face and initially wished to talk to anyone. A charge round of the 32-year-old from the Black Forest cost the German combined relay to the very first medal at the start of the house world championship. There were just 6th puts on the Bernstein for Vanessa Vogt, Denise Herrmann-Wick, Doll and Roman Sees.

An overall of 9 reliefs and an additional round through the most skilled in the guy's team were inadequate on Wednesday when the defending champ and Olympic champion Norway transcended. It annoys me a lot. It was not due to the wind, but my shooting was simply bird game. The shooting was just a catastrophe, then I still shivered. You don't really train for twenty years of biathlon, stated the dissatisfied Doll on ZDF : I'm sorry for the employee. It's very, really irritating.

Norway extended his combined subscription

As expected, the defending champion and Olympic champion from Scandinavia secured the very first gold of the title battles in front of Italy and France despite a penalty of Ingrid Landmark Tindrevold. norway won the World Cup title in this discipline for the 4th time in a row. The German season was 1: 26.5 minutes behind the Norwegians, and bronze was missing around half a minute. Germany has actually been waiting for a World Cup medal with the combined relay considering that 2019. There had been silver four years earlier in Austria in Swedish. The team won the last title so far in 2017 in Hochfilzen.

Even at Vogt it does not run round

Start runner Vogt stumbled into the first round in her home and, after a sluggish standing shooting, fell back to 198. In case of a great winter season weather in front of an impressive backdrop, the 25-year-old then afforded another extrapatron. Gold favorite Norway fell at the same time through a charge round of Ingrid Landmark Tindrevold in 16th place-and was 2 places behind Germany. After a combined look, Vogt turned over to Herrmann-Wick as an eleventh with 1: 00.7 minutes behind the leading French women. In 2015 at the Olympic Winter Games in Beijing, Vogt had actually won two charge rounds in this competition, at that time it was only enough for the team for the unacceptable place.

Hope Barrel Herrmann-Wick

Precisely a year and one day after her Olympic triumph in the single, Herrmann-Wick went into the cross-country ski with the well-deafening sound. The group was hot like a fried fat, the 34-year-old Saxon said the evening before at the opening of the World Cup in the close-by health spa park. The former cross-country skier pushed the pace and pressed a position by position forward. After a perfect lying shooting, the ex-world champ was currently seventh, but that was far from her. At the start of the first World Cup of the ski hunters in Germany, Herrmann-Wick has revealed a very strong appearance for eleven years. Before she wants to intervene in the battle for gold on Friday in the sprint, just the last shot went next to it. Another cartridge sufficed to clear the window. Behind France and Italy, the oldest in the team sent the previous sprint world champ Doll to the six kilometer path. The Black Forest then stopped working in case of perfect conditions, and he needed to go to the penalty round. Germany fell back to place eight with more than a minute behind.


After another after-loader, the last runner Sees went to the trail as a seventh. At the top, superstar Johannes Thingies BO require three after-effects, the Swede Sebastian Samuelson even needed to make three penalty rounds. Sees needed two additional lunches and stayed seventh. The trip took over Italy up until BO moved past. Sees no longer stepped forward considerably till completion.