Arne Engels: How The 19-Year-Old Belgian Is Surprising FC Augsburg And Could Soon Be In The Bundesliga

The very first videos were tape-recorded and studied early in the first half of the season. At Are Engels, the scouts and those accountable for fc augsburg looked carefully and asked 2 questions that were not so unimportant in a conference: Why does these angels play no role in the specialists in Bruges? Why don't they see that? The gamer might not deliver an answer, later on when he first appeared with his consultant in Augsburg. At FC Bruges, where Engels bet the U 19 in the Youth League and for the junior varsity in the second division, his contract expired. As Engels stated at the conference in Augsburg, he would also change in winter season. The FCA was right, he desired to make nails with heads as quickly as possible. 1. FC Nuremberg likewise showed interest, Engels listened to the deal, however picked Augsburg. For the greatest possible difficulty, the Bundesliga. The FCA moved 100,000 euros to Belgium, 200,000 euros-dependent benefits could and will probably be added.

Good conclusion with left and with right

As the very first of later on 7 beginners, Engels got here in Augsburg to match the first training session of the year, and the day afterwards took a trip to the training school in Spain with the new coworkers. Enrico Masses applauded a perspective gamer there and instantly saw what this skill brought as a right wing gave a great impression in training. He is really peaceful, really sensible, very flexible, currently has a great physicality, has a great end with left and with right, an extremely excellent passing game. Lots of great points for a young expert who had actually never ever played in a very first division, not to mention the Bundesliga. The rather difficult personnel position made it possible that Engels, who had functioned as an eighth in the offspring of FC Bruges, started in the last training school test against Ferencvaros (0: 2) on the 6 next to Julian Baumgartner. Niklas Dorsal still needed time after his midfoot fractures, Elvis Rebeca was missing out on due to a chopstick broken. And Carlos Gruel had long since stayed someplace else to change to the MLS shortly before the goal near to the San Jose Earthquakes.

in Dortmund thrown into the cold water and suddenly lucky grip in the control

Back in Germany, this time a wave of colds puts numerous FCA specialists flat. Among other things, Julian Baumgartner, who would probably have faced the final test against Wolfsburg (1-0) next to the recuperated Rebeca. Rather, Engels was permitted to run once again and did his task so well that Masses tossed him into the cold water a week later at the competitive video game in front of over 80,000 viewers in Dortmund. In the wild 3: 4 with a help and a ripe efficiency, which he then confirmed against Playback (1: 0), in Freiburg (1: 3) and finally against Leverkusen (1-0). He does it really, extremely well. You can also see it in the training sessions that he takes an advancement, praised objective scorer Merged Bertha, praising his assistant. Usually I shoot the corners, with it, we have a basic specialist. If he brings the ball like this every time.... The one who was really brought as a confident talent for the best side now turns out to be a stroke of luck in the nerve center of the Augsburg game.

battle firmness, summary, dynamics.

engels convinces with battle hardness, summary, characteristics and good shooting innovation. I don't understand what's going on. It's really crazy, but I'm trying to stay calm, the young Belgian beamed on Friday night. Stay calm, that also identifies his game, although it can generally be found in the entire place. 12.98 Rebound kilometers and 70 extensive runs-like leading worth files an extensive design of play.


The truth that against Leverkusen after 71 minutes was not angels, but Rebeca, volumes speaks for the trust that Masses already has in the teenager. I hope he never ever slips out of the beginning eleven once again when he plays the way he is playing, says the coach. It's actually good and outstanding.. Stefan Router also finds Engels' all of a sudden rapid advancement exceptional, although the sports manager like Masses cautions: Keep the ball flat, remain clear..

And keep playing football.

You need to stand your partner, be strong, be all set for every battle.

Are Engels.

Angels, who excitedly discovers German, will quickly get his own apartment or condo in Augsburg, he still resides in the hotel. This has the advantage that he doesn't need to worry about cooking. With a laugh, he says, mommy and dad will soon need to aid with FaceTime. I'm still young, recalls Engels, but it rather describes his football. And does not indicate negative in the tiniest sense. Age doesn't matter in football. You need to stand your partner, be strong, be all set for every duel.. So far he is, even if weaker phases will naturally be added. For now, Engels has his place in the center of Augsburg, i.e. where he did not go to it, and might replicate de Bruce. I keep playing my game therefore far, I think, do it rather well.. No objection. Maybe the FC Bruges will take a better look now.