Public -private councils with disabilities with game use, only the second meeting of this year


A public-private council with a game disability was found to have held only two meetings this year. There is no plan to proceed during the remaining December period.

According to the answer to the State Coordination Office, which was received by the lawmaker Lee Pantheon on the 5th, this year's game was held in January and October. In July, related ministries were conducted, not a public-private council meeting.

The meeting held by the Public-Private Council in January was to announce the results of the research service. At this time, the study of scientific evidence of the game disorder codes was published, △ research on the survey of game use disorders, and the ripple effect studies were published.

In July, a relevant ministry consultation was held to take over the progress of the domestic introduction of the disease disorder codes and discuss the future direction.

In October, the public-private council decided to promote the feasibility verification of diagnostic tools for domestic surveys. The director of planning and planning research is Chung Suzuki, a professor of industry-academia cooperation group.

The purpose of research is to establish a standardized and objective diagnostic system for game use disorders. There is a lack of preparation to approach the health problems related to excessive use of the game, researchers said. I emphasized.

In September 2020, an official of the State Coordination Office, when the research began, explained, The status of the size, characteristics, and treatment status of domestic game disorder disorders will be identified, and it is used as a reference for the introduction of domestic disorders and related policy designs..

The survey research has produced four of the four parts that can be used when diagnosing game use disorders in Korea. Hunger is △ loss of control of the game △ a game is a priority compared to other interests or everyday life. Each quasi is composed of detailed questions that can be confirmed by experts. The researchers determine that if the interviewer falls under the detailed questions, he can have the relevant one, and can be diagnosed with game use disorders if it corresponds to all.

The researchers said, The developed tools and epidemiological survey models have a great meaning in suggesting ways to overcome these limitations. In the opposite opinion, it was suggested that it is difficult to say that the prevalence rate by country is very different, and the high prevalence rate is significantly lower after the 30s.

An official from the State Coordination Office said, The existing research was conducted in the corona 19 situations and decided that supplementary research was needed.