New WO Long Trailer: Fallen Dynasty

During this year Goa Team seems to have had a spontaneous resurgence, since new brand games were confirmed that until today there are no intentions to relive Ninja Garden. Among the announced titles is TO Long: Fallen Dynasty, which can remind BYU Hayabusa's adventures due to his unbridled action. After having several weeks without information, Team Ninja finally revealed a new advance, in which we can see how the main character faces lethal enemies that are not going to give it barracks. The gameplay can be quite similar to that of Nigh!, So those who want to have a third will surely be satisfied.


Chicago here: This is the synopsis of the game:

Year 184, Finals of the Han dynasty in China. The earth is mired in chaos and destruction. After years of prosperity, the imperial dynasty is about to fall.

TO Long: Fallen Dynasty is the dramatic and action history of an unnamed militiaman who fights to survive in a dark fantasy version of the end of the Han dynasty, full of demons that ravage the three kingdoms. The players will face lethal creatures and enemy soldiers with fencing inspired by Chinese martial arts, waking their inner power to change the shifts.

To Long means crouching dragon and refers to a hero or another great person who is not yet known. This story shows officers who will be heroes during their unknown period, and also shows the rise of a nobody. Remember that the game is launched on March 3, 2023. It will arrive in PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC. Via: YouTube Editor's note: This game looks quite well, and it is best to leave in the first months of the year. The only sad thing here is that from January to March there are many games that will see daylight.