How to securely transport the Christmas tree house

Well protected: the tree stump comes under the saddle, the freight is fixed with tension belts. Are Bishop/PD-F The bike trailer represents a more unproblematic transport option. Comparable to the car, the tree must be marked with a red flag if it extends over a meter from the trailer. A counterweight in the trailer prevents it from tipping in reverse under the load of the tree. Catholics with a big filling area likewise make the Christmas tree transport fairly easy. The tree must likewise be protected with tension belts. The cargo bike alternative may likewise have the ability to pull the one who does not have such a bike at all: In numerous cities, there are now partially totally free rental bikes, states Thomas Gasser. Wriggle affair: This is better not to do so. Are Bishop/PD-F It is not an excellent idea to transport the tree across the bike. And if he slips, this likewise endangers other roadway users. The cyclist himself ought to constantly ensure that he keeps both hands on the handlebar in order to brake and drive it safely. An accident would be a good present that it does not need at all.

Christmas without Christmas tree? For numerous that would not be a genuine celebration. Between 23 and 25 million Christmas trees are offered in Germany every year, according to the Federal Association of Christmas Tree Goldener, for 90 percent of all families with kids and adolescents, the green precious jewelry is elementary part of the Christmas party. The times when the freshly beaten tree loaded onto a sled and transferred to the homely lit house are partly part of a romanticizing past. Today Norman fir, blue pocks, Nobelist fir or red spruce are mainly gotten in the grocery store, garden center or at the Christmas tree stand, loaded into a network by the seller and removed prey as such connected by automobile The bike is likewise utilized periodically.

Transport by vehicle.

If you leave it with a smaller tree, with a little luck, you can put it in the trunk totally. Hard spots are tough to remove, which is why it is recommended to cover the tree stump with some foil or a fabric and likewise safeguard the baggage compartment with the appropriate designer from pollution. The Christmas tree is constantly loaded with the trunk. If the green cargo does not rather fit into the cars and truck, however extends a bit throughout the truck, there are a few essential indicate consider. Generally, it is essential to secure the tree in such a method that it neither prevent and does not slip the presence or flexibility of movement. Crash tests of the ADAC have actually revealed that a 30-kilo tree can turn into a 750 kg flooring in a mishap at 50 km/h. Stable securing belts are best fit for tightening up, with their help the tailgate pulled as far as possible is repaired. It is not advisable to tear cords or rubber expansion, you can tear. DACH load: This tree would have also fit into the trunk. Seat When driving under 100 kilometers, the tree may protrude up to 3 meters above the back, if the transport is carried out over a longer range, only 1.5 meters are permitted. The normal identification obligation takes result from one meter. In the case of daylight, a warning or an indication of 30 by 30 centimeters has to hang at the top of the tree, says Martin Eugene, professional at the Debra destination. The roadway traffic guidelines do not miss the opportunity to specify the flag in more information. And what is in the bad or dark visibility? Then an active red lamp and a red reflector are a must, discusses Eugene. The lamp might be an optimum of 150 centimeters, the reflector is a maximum of 90 centimeters above the road. It is suggested to ensure that taillights and/or license plate are not covered. Violations of the recognition obligation are occupied by 25 euros. A roofing system rail or a roofing system rack ought to be present if the tree comes to the car roof. Here too, the concept of stem uses, and there is likewise a careful repairing of the freight, although tear-resistant clamping belts are the very best aid. If the cargo is not sufficiently protected, it costs at least 35 euros. In case of a risk or perhaps home damage, this increases to 60 and 75 euros and a Flensburg point includes.


bike as a load

Utilizing the bike as a load is the closest from the sled option discussed at the beginning. You ought to be a saddle-resistant cyclist. Or put the tree over the handlebars and saddle and simply push them. Bike with a green freight: If you wish to make certain, push. Are Bishop/PD-F If the tree is more of a tree, driving transport is really just possible with a standard bike that only has a typical travel luggage rack. Because the top of the tree is not allowed to grind on the flooring, the matter otherwise only works safely if the wheel has a longer luggage rack. Thomas Gasser from the Press Service Bicycle advises putting the Christmas tree on the user length ways, placing the trunk under the saddle and repairing the transport goods with tension belts. Branches or straps should not enter into the spokes. In addition, the wheel tree combination should keep an optimum width of one meter. And if the rear light is covered by the fir green, an additional light is required in the dark, and a reflective pennant can not injure. The professional encourages to very first turn a rehearsal round-on the side to inspect the non-slip seat of the tree and on the other hand to test how safe you feel. Push better if needed.