How to discover amethyst geodes in the Minecraft Caves & Cliffs update

Harvesting amethyst fragments from amethyst crystals is quite simple since you can follow the crystals.

That stated, these crystals are quite illusory, even in Minecraft terms. Amethyst crystals can only generate inside a new kind of generation of small cave called amethyst geode. The geode comprises geode blocks, which are a kind of block which can not be obtained with any tool presently in the video game, not even with the magic Silk Touch. You can recognize a geode block even if you do not yet see crystals thanks to its distinct purple color and its glossy style, even if it does not produce light. You can only find amethyst geodes underground, since it is a type of generation of caves.


That said, it is tiny, and as there is no doubt in the outside world about its place, just like rich caves and their acacias, find a can appear nearly impossible. That stated, there is a way to understand that there is one nearby, even if you do not yet have visual indications. You will hear the noise of the bells ring when you are in or near an amethyst geode. If these radiate blocks, crystals or location itself in the same way that the mine well had mine cart sounds, it is not clear. When you have located the geode, you can collect amethyst pieces that can be utilized to create the brand name new telescope tool. It remains to be seen whether the pieces will likewise have other uses.