How the income bowl works at Midnight Suns

Resources are vital in the game Midnight Suns from Marvel, so you will look for them all over the estate surrounding the abbey.

You can find a significant number of items in chests scattered on the map, but you will need located keys to open them. It is difficult to find keys, but you can create them using a bowl for offers! Now you just need to find out how the bowl for the offer at Midnight Suns works. The offering bowl will appear near the altar of Agatha southwest of the abbey after you talk about this with Agatha. If you have already discovered this place, you can quickly get there. The location of the bowl to the left of the main altar with columns for the rods of elements. Now that you are here, you can activate the offer bowl in order to get such necessary resources and secret keys.

How to use a bowl for the presentation at Marvels Midnight Suns

To use the income bowl in the game Marvels Midnight Suns, you must visit this place at night and have items that can be offered in exchange for objects. If these preliminary conditions are met, follow the following actions. Place the item in a bowl-you can choose between several objects. Use the word power-experiment using different words of power. In most cases, the word Reveal is preferable. Collect the award-if successful, you get a prize.


If nothing happens, try another word of power.

How to get sorceress keys from the Marvels Midnight Suns bowl

To get sorceresses from the bowl for offers in the Suns of midnight, you need to use the word of power, compatible with the subject you offer. Remember that most of the objects that you sacrifice on the altar can be used as a gift to the heroes. To get the keys, start with Reveal Word of Power, and then use the rest (Open, Purify and Break). In case of success, you will receive one Arcane Key for the subject and several resources (for example, 50 Gloss). To obtain additional information about the midnight suns from Marvel, read the section How to go through a test of a child of darkness in the midnight suns in the game guidelines for professionals.