GTA 5 and GTA Online have a graphic. Fans of GTA 5 and GTA Online can enjoy lifelike reflections with the current

Rockstar Games just released a new patch for GTA 5 and GTA Online. What is new in this patch? Find out in this article!

On December 13th, Rockstar Games released an upgrade for the duo consisting of GTA 5 and GTA online. This not only brings brand-new material for multiplayer mode, such as extra objectives, automobiles and cosmetic products, however likewise a little graphic upgrade. Ray tracing (precise light ray calculation) decorates glass windows and puddles. They look actually reasonable now!

The ray tracing reflections are so pretty in comparison

The new reflections only become active in playback faithful mode. There, just shadows were formerly thrown utilizing the elaborate technology. For example, they embellished home exteriors and extravagantly planted parks. We had made a comparison that you can find here: 37 4 GTA 5 for PS5 and Xbox Series X | S in the tech check: A long overdue remaster After the patch, we can still see precise reflections from now on. Frequently on the body of automobiles.


In this example, really much how another car is shown in the smoothly polished paint of the cars: Windows now also reflect the entire environments razor-sharp: Even if the traffic dynamically chugs through the streets on it: Transparent glass panes, the rearview mirrors of automobiles and glazed skyscrapers and glazed skyscrapers. Computed reflections will continue to be used there. Even bigger water surface areas, for example from pools or the adjacent ocean, are not recorded by Ray tracing. A logical action, after all, an exorbitant computing load would occur. For this, however, we have discovered very sharp and appropriate reflections in puddles in point of view, which have actually gathered due to a storming shower. Pretty cool when you think about that the whole environment is dynamically shown and water laughter no longer appear so mirror-smooth.

therefore the entire thing runs

In a brief test on the PS5, in which we guaranteed a maximum of reflections, the frame rate usually remained at solid 30 fps. When we set up the pure mayhem on the streets, even. So GTA V does not need to deal with issues with the frame rate as the recently released Next Gen-Update by The Witcher 3, which also utilizes Ray tracing: 80 9 The Witcher 3 Next Gen-Update: The most crucial innovation transforms the game into a jerky video game

Additional material of the upgrade on version 1.64

GTA Online gets a swing from six new objectives that are under the guise of drug sales. The title Los Santos Drug Wars. With the trade of intoxicants, you build a brand-new organization which contains extra procurement objectives. Hundreds of new clothes, a hairstyle for ladies and almost 40 tattoos are likewise readily available. Oh, and obviously the following 7 cars and trucks: Overflow Entity MT (a very cars). Declare Tulip M-100 (a Muscle car And Truck). Zirconium Journey II (a van).

  • BF Internet User Customized (another van).
  • Annie 300R (a cars).
  • MTL Brigade 6x6 (a mobile drug lab).
  • Some scout C (a motorcycle). Wait, actually there are 8! The Declare Tahoma Coupe, a Muscle Cars and truck, is complimentary throughout the Break-in event that between the 16. And December 18. More news about GTA 5, GTA 6 and GTA Online:.
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  • Banner plays GTA 5 Story as a pacifist through and needs 3 years for it. Nevertheless, this is just a portion of the whole list of modifications that, in addition to heaps of bug fixes, contains smaller changes, such as the possibility of concealing telephone contacts or ordering bicycles. You also get the triple benefit for smuggling routes and no longer need to wait so long for purchased cars. On Rock star's official website you will find the side long spot notes. Do you still play GTA online or GTA 5? If so, in which mode?