Dead Space: What's the Connection?

If you've been wondering what the connection is between the famous video game franchise Dead Space and this Sci-Fi book series, then you're in luck. This article will explore the possible connections between both to see if they are really connected or not.

Is the Callisto protocol connected to Dead Area ?? You have actually heard that the names of both series were discussed and also might be questioning what the connection between them is. Is there a connection in any way? Well, this article will inform you exactly what's going on. Below you can locate out why the collection are pointed out next to each other and also what you can get out of The Callisto Protocol prior to you obtain begun. The length and time to beat The Callisto Method is strong sufficient that you will certainly be able to sink a number of hours in the game. But initially you are right here since you wish to obtain to recognize the relationship with Dead Room. The answer is listed below...


Is the Callisto method attached to Dead Area?

The Callisto method remains in no chance canonically attached to Dead Area. The video games are located in two totally different universes, entirely independent of each other.

The only point that links both collection is that Glen Schofield, the creator of Striking Disease Studio, has joined the advancement of the Dead Space franchise along with other participants of The Callisto Procedure group. If you have actually really hoped for an insane crossover or a link between the universes, you will however not find anything. The striking distance workshops have developed a solid universe here, as defined in our Callisto Protocol review, as well as it is unlikely that we have seen the end of the globe that the group developed. Currently, you understand whether the Callisto protocol is attached to Dead Space. If you enter our guidelines to the personalities of the Callisto protocol, you will certainly discover what you can get out of the universe, and you will locate more instructions in our walkthrough write-up on the Callisto procedure.