Chop Goblins, the new Dusk creator, advances three weeks and is now available on Steam. In two words: video games

David Szymanski, the independent developer known for creating the retroshoter Dusk, has announced that Chop Goblins is now available on PC. The funny thing here is that, in a context in which the most frequent thing is to find constant delays even (especially) in large releases, the exit of Chop Goblins has done the opposite: although it was scheduled to leave January 2, Finally, three weekly have been published before, basically, because Szymanski was bored, as confirmed on his Twitter account. The new moment shoe title is only available on PC through Steam (we will see if, as happened with Dusk, it also ends up arriving at Switch), and was announced just over a little Meredith. At that time, its creator already told us about his interesting premise: he defines this game as a microphone in which the main grace is that he is designed to complete in a single session without sacrificing depth, variety or creativity in his gameplay and level design ». The idea is that the experience is so contained that it can be completed in less than an hour. While your short duration can generate doubts about the benefit that can be taken to the title, beyond the mere money/time relationship, Szymanski clarifies that the objective here is that there is nothing filling, with a more focused approach in the reputability that in a unique item. Through five different levels set in different themes, we can squeeze this microphone thanks to its achievements, classification tables and secrets, while we load a good amount of enemies and bosses.

Although the developer spoke that the reason for launching Chop Goblins is that it was boring, it would not be surprising that they also influenced him that he boosted to announce a launch date ahead of time, instead of an initial plan that passed through Publish the title by surprise.


Szymanski confessed that he made this decision because Twitter could experience some changes in visibility in the near future, referring to the recent purchase of the platform by Elon Musk.