5 Android Apps That Should Be Deleted Immediately

Android users should urgently check their apps on the smartphone. Five should be deleted directly-four of them become a real danger. Dortmund-It is not the first time that apps frolic in the Google Play Store, the creators of which have no good intentions. Again, there must be five apps that could cause considerable damage to the smartphone.

contaminated apps in the Google Play Store: User must be deleted

It is always advisable to download apps exclusively from the Google Play Store, as this is safer, but there are also dangerous applications here. Again and again there are warnings of Android apps. Google deletes dangerous apps regularly from the app store, but Android users have to become active if they have already downloaded and installed the affected application. As in the current case.

Android app from the Google Play Store makes false promises-delete immediately!

The Tube box app was downloaded from the Google Play Store over a million times. Now these over one million users should delete the app again-even if there is no great danger from it (more digital news at ). The app is said to reward its users for the reputation of advertising. However, that is nonsense. Even those who have seen advertisements diligently receive no reward. For this reason, Google app was removed from the store.

You should also delete users.

apps from the Google Play Store can harm the smartphone and safety

However, these apps are really dangerous: According to Gig, these apps are contaminated with malware and should be deleted immediately from the smartphone. The malware can use the malware in the background, for example to secretly open websites and generate advertising calls. According to Gig, one of the apps can even abuse its own smartphone as a proxy server. All apps can have a negative impact on safety and also on the battery. The apps have already been deleted from the Google Play Store, users should now follow suit.


Rubric list picture: © Lobe ca/Imago