The Callisto Protocol a band

The loop will be even more curly given that Motive Studios will release its Dead Space remake just weeks after the release of The Callisto Protocol. Pending December 2, here is a launch trailer including the ambient mayhem on Black Iron, an isolated penitentiary on the moon of Jupiter whose population is now struggling with awful animals. Among the unfortunate is the protagonist, an inmate called Jacob Lee, who might be the one who will pierce the secrets of the powerful United Jupiter Company. The tune of the trailer is Lost Again by Kings Elliot.


This year, the AAA season will not drop in November. Because in the middle of all the postpones that this fall recorded, striking range studios held up and will be released well The Callisto Protocol, its really first game, on December 2. The opportunity for Grafton to take its primary steps in the register of big solo production, the korean publisher being primarily known to the public today for PUBG.

For those who keep in mind the initial statement of The Callisto Protocol, it was even a concern at the start of registering this action-adventure-horror game in a sort of extended PUBG universe. An eventually deserted concept that makes The Callisto Protocol a brand-new license in its own right, even if always extremely influenced by Dead Area, a game produced at the time by Glen Schofield that we discover today in the controls of Studios TRUCK.


The Callisto Protocol-Bande-Annon de launch


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