The best nozzles and equipment Bryson 800 in Warzone 2


Frosts in War zone 2 are CQC kings, and they are all capable of legendary murder with one shot in this range. But even among the kings of Bryson 800 stands at the top due to its incredible range and power. In the factory settings, Bryson 800 already dominates its role, but with the proper nozzles, it even begins to overtake many medium range champions War zone 2. Here are the nozzles that we recommend for Bryson 800.

Best equipment Bryson 800 War zone 2

In order for Bryson to shine brighter than it already, the following devices are designed to increase the range of its damage, which allows you to sequentially kill one shot even at an average distance, which allows you to improve aggression or protection depending on the situation.

  • Muzzle: Improved Bryson throttle
    • Set the damage range and a denser spread of bullets
  • Barrel: 21.5-inch grinder
    • Set up the damage range and speed of aiming
  • Laser: Point-G3P 04
  • Optical: SZ mini
    • Setting for long-distance eyes and aiming speed
  • Reserve: sawn mod

These devices and settings will significantly improve the ability of Bryson 800 to cope with other weapons that are not related to its assigned role, and will also provide such necessary mobility to help.

Best Settings of the Bryson 800 Peru and Equipment for War zone

The ideal auxiliary perk and equipment installation for Bryson 800 include covering its low rate of fire, since it should pump after each shot. The inability to ensure murder from one shot usually means a certain death in a direct clash, so we recommend using reliable fast-combat weapons, such as a submachine gun or a pistol with high rate of fire, as a spare option.

  • Secondary weapon: BAS-P, P890 or X13 Auto
  • Tactical: smoke grenade
  • Deadly: St.
  • Package of perks:
    • Double time to improve mobility
    • Overkill or Battle Hardened for two main types of weapons or resistance to control of the crowd
    • Fast hands for a quick change of weapon
    • High Alert or Quick Fix to increase awareness or stability in fire conditions
  • Field update: Battle Rage and/or Dead Silence to increase stability and/or mobility

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