Street Fighter V: K World Warrior Circuit Finalists are defined

The 8 finalists of the K World Warrior Circuit of Street Fighter V, who will define who will join the player Ronaldinho, two-time champion of Cap com Pro Tour azil, and will be the second azilian representative at Cap com Cup IX, SFV World Cup that will be played at the beginning 2023, with date and headquarters to be announced by Cap com. After 5 monthly stages played between July and November, the eight finalists of K World Warrior will be: Horuspaulin, Bounce player and Eve champion LATAM South 2021, Dark, Game over player, Jaylene (Showdown Gaming), HKD ASH (Showdown Gaming), Gust (Game scare), Nail (Showdown Gaming), Angie Bola do (Fusion), and Juninho Ra's (without team).


Although Ronaldinho ended in 4th overall place, with 106 points added over 5 stages the Dream Max E-Sports Pro player will not be able to compete for the K World Warrior finals for already qualified for Cap com Cup after winning the two-time CPT championship azil. Therefore, the player Juninho Ra's, 9th place in the general classification, with 71 points, inherited Ronaldinho's place and will have the chance to compete for azil's last seat at the Street Fighter V World Cup.


  • 1st place: Horuspaulin-165 points (classified to the finals)
  • 2nd place: Dark-151 points (classified to the finals)
  • 3rd place: JAHlexe-111 points (classified to the finals)
  • 4th place: Ronaldinho-106 points (not classified to the finals for already winning a place at Cap com Cup via CPT azil)
  • 5th place: HKDASH-101 points (classified to the finals)
  • 6th place: Gust-95 points (classified to the finals)
  • 7th place: NIEL-91 points (classified to the finals)
  • 8th place: ANGIE BOLADA-76 points (classified to the finals)
  • 9th place: Juninho Ras-71 points (classified to the finals for inheriting vacancy left by the player Ronaldinho)
  • 10th place: Namikazeextm-63 points (not classified to the finals)
  • 11th place: PauloWeb-62 Points (not classified to the finals)
  • 12th place: Notpedro-58 points (not classified to the finals)
  • 13th place: Davi-57 points (not classified to the finals)
  • 14th place: Bluezera-43 points (not classified to the finals)
  • 15th place: Prosub-43 points (not classified to the finals)
  • 16th place: Evil Kenzap-37 points (not classified to the finals)

Namikazeextm wins 5th stage of K World Warrior

This Thursday (24), was played the 5th and last stage of K World Warrior, and the title went with player Lucas Namikazextm Marques. Playing with the character Vega for most of the competition, he won the championship title after winning Ronaldinho in the grand final. With an unbeaten campaign until the grand final, Kamikaze lost the first FT3 to Ronaldinho, which came from the lower key 3-0, using the character Fang. After the table was reset, however, Kamikaze bet on the character Vega and applied a 3-1 on Ronaldinho and secured the title.

With the achievement, Kamikaze added 50 points, but failed to qualify for the finals of the circuit because he added only 13 points in the first four stages of the World Warrior, finishing the overall classification in 10th place. Ronaldinho, in turn, won 40 points and rose to 4th place of World Warrior, with 106 points, but will not be able to compete in the circuit finals because he has already qualified to the Street Fighter V World Cup after earning the two-time CPT azil championship.