New SRPG, the producer of Lang Grit, launched on December 7, Arckeland

On December 7, the game will be developed by Blackjack Studio and launched its new SRPG Parkland.

Are Land is the next film, which is introduced by the Mobile Angry Crew in four years. Via fights against the cruel destiny with a weak but strong will, leaving an adventure against the girl to the queen. He also fights against a strong empire and conflicts between reason and emotion. The player wakes up as a stranger, travels with Asia with the Change continent, meets various colleagues, and regains his lost memories.

This In the play, he inherited the core elements of Languid, such as attribute and occupational characteristics, and added new combat elements such as predecessors, evasion, pursuit, and cooperation. In addition, the stage can be targeted by using various terrain objects such as traps.

There is also a subquest that tells the characters of the characters and the story of the present. You can see the story in the camp and communicate with the character you want.

In addition, the 2D graphics that were shown in Lang Grit were converted to 3D, and domestic voice actors such as Shin-Woo Shin and Kim Hard have dubbed more than 50 cuts and scenarios. BGM invited Korean-American music producers and music crews, including Yoko Shimmer and Hayes, to produce various genres such as symphony, electronic and rock.

In August, Parkland participated in the Seoul Pop Culture Convention Offline Event and also tested domestically. The B2C booth will be operated on G-Star 2022, which will be held on the 17th, and meets with users. An official of the Rung Game said, Currently, the development team is doing its best to provide the best game quality to users by focusing on the final modification of the game.

For more information, please visit the official Parkland Café.


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