Lol - Worlds: Drx closes his fairy tale and is the most unexpected world champion in history

If the change of cup also involves a change of era for League of Legends , the new chapter of the story starts with the most unexpected champion that the World Cups have seen in their twelve years of history. After having finished sixth in the regional competition and achieving the classification to the World Cup thanks to a format that fosters the exploits, Dr raised his first world champion title . Perfect final for a story that started in the regions of South Korea and found continuity in Mexican territory. The first World Cup title for a Play-In team and, of course, the most suffered to date.

Dr signs the biggest surprise in the history of the World Cups of Legends

Offering the five games with which we dreamed when we had to imagine the final of the 2022 Worlds, Dr was able to complete its traced in the last two maps of the series . Again they had to pay the epic after the third map opts in favor of T1 after two robberies by Baron Nash or that even made us feel sorry for Posit. However, as when the inhibitor regenerated when Deft sought the link against Edward Gaming, they continued as if nothing. The latest maps were everything they could do from then on, and go as they did.

He finally won the story overcoming. The story of Deft, that has become Faker's nemesis, 'stealing' the MSI 2015 in a fifth map and repeating history seven years later in the Worlds 2022. Of a Beryl considered weak link In Damon Gaming when he reached his first two finals and that in these World Cups he has become the first League of Legends player who manages to lift the invoked's cup twice without having played in the old SK Telecom T1. Also, of a Posit , who fired his teammates in tears just two years ago and was a Lolita of the LCK next to Kin gen last season.

They did not paint things better at Zeta , a brilliant race ahead for a player who settled in the half-table of the LPL. He wanted to return home, ‘cheated’ to be the Mid Later of a team that faced the season with the loser label. They did not take away the Benito soon, but they could start it. The quintet originated in mediocrity, criticism, exile and badge ; But the result was not seen by any1. This time we are not going to blame analysts, because when the currency leaves singing, anyone can be expected.

The final against T1 was also a lost battle. Dr was much more solid along the five maps that the game lasted , but the failures when managing objectives almost cost him the world championship. That was how they lost the third map and how they put themselves behind in the fifth. A way to lose it well that it would have been particularly sad. However, when his companions needed his companions, Posit did not fail. Faker's dream raising the fourth cup of the invoked again died in the fight for an old dragon in which he already crashed into DWG Kia in the previous edition of the World Cup in League of Legends.

They won the losers , because calling them in another way would be to betray their history. Tr info to the perseverance that had his other face of the currency in the crying of a Beria visibly surpassed by the situation. The new generation of T1 was despair, players who will not stop telling themselves that they will not have another chance. However, League of Legends has repair stories. Stop believing in Faker's fourth or in the first of Humayun would be spitting to those who today received the greeting of the founders of Riot Games, raised the new cup and fell as those brand new champion rings.

The World League of Legends championship, the 2022 Worlds, put a competitive dream season to . To an international tournament that has left us some of the best stories and forgive for repeating both the word-history of electronic sports. Golden brooch for a new start, because someone must give continuity to triumph and, above all, because someone has to become a loser. The title, demonstrated, is nothing wrong.


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