LOL: Damwon Kia announces hires of Deft and Canna and seeks to return to the top

Following a campaign below expectations at Worlds 2022, Damon Kia will have two heavyweight reinforcements for the 2023 season, when LCK's 2020 and three-time champion will try to recover the best team in the world. On Wednesday, the South Korean organization announced the arrival of two heavy reinforcements: Anna, a top that defended the Longship Red force in 2022, and Deft, a LOL 2022 World Champion shooter by DRX,

Last year DWG had tried to sign with Anna, but T1, the player's team at the time, put many obstacles in the negotiation and the top failed to transfer to the team he wanted. In the end, Anna had a forgettable 2022 with Longship Red force, ending only 8th in the two Splits of LCK this year.

Damon Kia surprises everyone with the hiring of Deft

Deft had a magical year-end with the DRX, winning the first career world, and less than 24 hours after ending his contract with now Eliquis, found a new home. Both he and the other DRX members are free agents today, so they can sign with any team without the need for any termination fine.

Although Deft is a current world champion, hiring the player is considered a surprise. Initially, Damon's main options were Ruler, world champion in 2017 for Samsung Galaxy and current LCK champion by Gen. G, and Viper, LPL and World Cup champion by Chinese Edge. Viper, in the end, eventually returned to Hanna Life after his passage at Edward Gaming, while Ruler has not yet defined his destination, which can even be a new contract with Gen G. to 2023.


In this way, Deft landed in another winning team that will seek to add their second victory in worldwide. The organization is aware that it should make the most of the height of canyon and shoemaker and therefore should form a team according to them. In this way, the team is composed as follows:

  • Top: Anna
  • Jungle: Canyon
  • Middle: Shoemaker
  • Support: Kelvin

To finish the hiring package, Damon Kia incorporates Gorilla, former Trick Champion to LCK and analyst of the Korean League transmission itself as a new head coach. LCK tends to have former players occupying these positions, and therefore it can fit as a glove, given his great career as a player and having had numerous experiences sharing locker rooms with world-renowned players.


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