GTA Online continues to give you awards for assault The Diamond Casino & Resort

Although the sixth main delivery is already on the way, GTA Online continues to give himself to offer the best online experience of the game, so with last month, the updates arrive constantly. On this occasion there are more rewards for assaulting The Diamond Casino & Resort, Something that fans will enjoy.

Here the most important elements of the official statement distributed by Rockstar Games :

The first objective is to successfully complete the final of the coup to the Diamond casino this week to receive 50% more of GTA $ and RP. Preparatory missions costs are reduced by half. In addition, some unhappy employees have been complaining that they receive deliveries of gems of great value, so finding them may be possible.

Double rewards will continue in all missions for classic blows and there are still 50% more GTA and RP in all preliminary missions for the end of the end of the world. The objectives will be available before November 24 and will see their rewarded effort with a GTA bonus $2,000,000, available 72 hours later.

double GTA $ and RP in discovered wheel runs

The racing circuit is the ideal place to release stress and satisfy the desire to compete. It is not imprudence at the wheel if you have sponsors. Participating in wheel runs discovered at speeds well above the legal limit offers double rewards throughout the week, so you have the perfect excuse to humiliate your rivals.

Premium test car: Grotto Bros R/A

Station at the LS and Visit Hào’s Special Works club to discover its new experiment: a small Bros Grotto emptied that returns to life thanks to a whole series of improvements and modifications. Take a quick turn through the area or buy it Hào himself, without the need for intermediaries.

Premium concessionaire luxury cars

Premium concessionaire luxury cars knows him know that Simeon Yerevan loves doing old business: exchanging money for cars of questionable origin in a well-lit concessionaire and with air conditioning that personally controls and supervises. Visit this week to see the following vehicles closely, take a turn to try them, compare your benefits and buy them right there:

-A classic yellowish Banjo SJ

-The Sister Comet Safari Dark Green with the design paint arid theater

-A Dina List Banjo White Ice wrapped in the Down Hunter design paint

-A Class Gnus Green Lima Classic with black stripes

-Lambada Komodo Chillán metallic purple

In addition to all of the above (and many more things), there will be many offers the next few days when the following sales stand out:

-Proven PR4: 25% discount

-Ocelot R88: 25% discount

-Lambada Komodo: 30% discount

-Dina List Banjo: 30% discount

-Grotto Fury: 30% discount

-Debauchee JB 700W: 30% discount

-Vapid Retinue MK II: 30% discount

-ALBANY V-STR: 30% discount

-Rune Ghana: 35% discount

-Declare Drift Yosemite: 35% discount

-Invade and persuade tank: 40% discount

-Dina Sugar: 40% discount

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UPDATED Editor's note: It seems that GTA Online will never end, unless Rockstar Games takes out any new edition. Surely that will happen when the sixth chapter of the franchise goes on sale.


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