Goddesss of Victory: Nikke No Caller ID Event Guide

The first event in the Goddess of Victory game: Nike is finally available. Titled without call identifier, players will have to play in several stages of the event to win a new currency, which can be changed for additional rewards. If you feel lost with this event, we are here to help you. Here is a Complete Guide for No Caller ID in Goddess of Victory: Nike .

How to start calling names in Nike

The first thing is the first, make sure your application is updated. When starting it, the game should ask you to download an update. Once everything has been downloaded, you can access without call identifier from the event button in the lobby.

Touch the event button, then touch the banner without call identifier, and you can start erasing stages.

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How to get sound sources

[EVENT] While most of the Geisha games often allow you to go through all the stages of the event at once, Nike works in a slightly different way. To try a stage, you will need an element called sound source. All players receive five sound sources in the daily restart every day, which means that you can try five stages.

If you want more sound sources, you can buy them in the event store, but this will cost you gems. Because gems income is not exactly good for F2P players, we do not recommend buying them. Just wait for the daily restart every day.

How to get toy signal towers

Without call identifier, completing the stages of the event will give you the opportunity to get toy signal towers of each clearing. These toy cones can be used to buy several rewards in the event store, including advanced recruitment coupons and high quality molds.

However, you will only have a percentage of chances of getting these toy signal towers when completing the stages. You will want to increase your chances of getting towers using specific units in your team. The following characters will give you more likely to get towers:

Elmo (+40%) Privacy (+30%) ARIA (+15%) Lyudmila (+15%) Maria (+15%) Fast (+10%)

All players will automatically get Rapid at the beginning of the game, so be sure to include it in your team to have 10% possibilities, especially if you don't have any of the other SSR units. It is worth noting that Helm is the new SSR unit that has just been added to Nike with this update, which means that you have more chances of falling if you get an SSR on its speed increase banner.

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By including as many bonus units in your team, your chances of getting Toy Signal Towers will be much greater, which will make your agriculture much more efficient.

The good news is that even if your fall rates are bad, you can still get towers by completing specific event challenges. These are quite simple, just require that you complete the normal and difficult stages at least once. It will not be enough to clear the store, but at least you can get all the advanced recruitment coupons.

You can also grow events of selected events to get more towers, but again, these are limited by the amount of sound sources it has.

What to buy first at the event store

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Finally, there is the event store itself. Actually, there are only two main elements that you must prioritize:

Advanced recruitment coupon X10-Cost: 4,000 toy signal towers High quality mold x5-Cost: 4,000 toy signal towers

We recommend looking first the advanced recruitment coupons, since these will allow you to activate the Helm qualification increase banner, or you can simply save the coupons for future banners if you are not interested in it. High quality molds are also good, but they should not be their main priority. Get these only once you bought all coupons.

The rest of the items are completely unnecessary, so you buy them as better seem only once you bought the vouchers and molds.

And that is done by our Event guide without call identifier for Goddess of Victory: Nike . In general, the event is a bit disappointing in terms of generosity, and the fact that the progress of the stage has a time limit and does not even have guaranteed towers without complete equipment of bonus units is a bit annoying. Even so, we hope this guide helps their agricultural efforts to be a bit more efficient.

Be sure to search DLPRIVATOSERVER to get more tips and information about Nike, including our complete change guide and the list of levels.

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