[Concall] Com2uS, Summers War IP cumulative sales over 3 trillion won

On the 11th (11th), Comes Group held a conference call to announce the third quarter of 2022 of Comes and Comes Holdings. In this conference call, the current status of 3Q results, new launches and services such as 'Summers War: Chronicle' and 'Hello, Ella', and future business plans were introduced. In addition to preparation plans and PLA, the contents of P2O-based NFT service games conducted by Comes Group were also published.

November 11, 2022 (Fri) 09: 00 ~ 11: 30

True Seek: Com2uS/Comes Holdings CEO and major executives

Announcement: 3Q performance and future business strategy, RNA

■ Com2us-Com2us Holdings major 3Q earnings summary

In the third quarter of 2022, Comes achieved sales of up to 3Q. In the third quarter of 2022, sales amounted to W186.2bn, operating profit of W1.6bn, and net profit of 22 billion won. Cumulative sales in the third quarter are also growing 34%, reaching 512.9 billion won, which is close to the previous year's annual sales. For these results, Summers War: Chronicle's domestic launch and media content subsidiaries were achieved. Operating profit decreased somewhat with investments to strengthen domestic launch marketing costs and developing workers, but operating profit of about 6.7 billion won was generated by the game business.

Overseas sales in the third quarter recorded KRW 101.1 billion, and domestic sales amounted to KRW 85.1 billion. Summers War: Chronicle's global launch and core game Summers War: The figure reflects the performance of the world's biggest baseball lineup. Compared to the same period last year, domestic sales grew by about three times (191%), and the number of digits in the global region also showed a double-digit growth.

Comes said that global and e-sports sales rose 15% year-on-year through the collaboration of 'Summers War: Arena', and successfully launched the collaboration with Cookie Run: Kingdom in two years. The arena fandom of the arena was analyzed. In addition, tomorrow (12th), SWC2022, which is celebrating six times, will be held in Sang am Colosseum, Seoul, and recorded the largest number of applicants. With this popularity, Summers War IP has achieved cumulative sales of 3 trillion won, and the share of overseas sales is about 90%.

Comes also said that the baseball game lineup, led by MLB9 Innings, is expected to achieve annual sales of 120 billion won. The baseball game lineup has already surpassed annual sales in 2021 in October, and MLB License and HBO license-based games are also ranked No. 1 in global sales in the third quarter of mobile games. The MLB game lineup showed a continuous growth of 30% year-on-year and HBO growth by 13%.

Comes Group plans to combine various blockchain games with the Web 3 Main net PLA (Expla). First, the new IP-based God of Fishing: Crew based on fishing recorded 60 million downloads in 2023 will be introduced to the global market through PLA. The god of fishing: Crew is a new blockchain-based fishing game embodied as a P2O model through NFT content. Players can NFT the fisheries, and NFT owners can generate P2O revenue according to their grade. Comes added that it plans to maximize the fun of the user by reflecting the competitive system.

Com2 Bus will also be officially service in 2023 after the in-house test in November. Com2 Bus will establish a 3D realistic meta bus office and provide optimized solutions for the tenant's business and demands, starting the official service for companies in the first quarter of 2023. Since then, the Meta Bus Earth Sale and Office Business, Convention Center-based event It will expand to the conference and the B2C service of major partners. In addition, Comes introduced SM Entertainment's strategic equity investment and plans to strengthen strategic partnerships to target the global market in the future.

Lastly, CEO Song Jae-won also mentioned Summers War: Chronicle's launch of North America. It was released at 5 pm yesterday (10th) and has just passed in North America and has not been counted for 24 hours, but the simultaneous trend is continuously rising, and a good indicator will come to the peak time. I expected it.

In addition, In Korea, the ARPU is higher than other indicators, but Summers War: Chronicle is also similar to Korea, he said. Cooperation also added that there will be marketing synergy.

Comes Holdings recorded sales of 32.2 billion won in the third quarter of 2022, operating loss of 600 million won, and net loss of 7.4 billion won. Revenue increased 11.4% Qom, and operating losses reduced by 60.4% to improve income indicators. In terms of sales and operating profit improvement, Comes Holdings analyzed that the global launch of major new games such as Working Dead: All-Stars and MLB Perfect Innings: Ultimate was effective.

Operating income in the third quarter was 27.1 billion won, up 2.8% Qom. Business revenue is a stable performance of existing games, reflecting the achievements of the Working Dead, which was released on August 31. Investment income for related companies was W5.1bn, which has more than doubled earnings from the previous quarter due to the improvement of the performance of Com2uS and Coin One. The cost of recruiting was 32.8 billion won, an increase of 7.6%QoQ. Labor costs amounted to 12.7 billion won and marketing costs amounted to 3.2 billion won.

Comes Holdings plans to develop PLA into a global Web3 main net specializing in digital media contents such as webtoons and meth uses including games. 'Hello, Ella', which was released on November 9, is the first global P2O game based on PLA main net and achieved 500,000 pre-booking. 'Hello, Ella' is a collective RPG that enjoys strategic battles using the unique chain skills of each hero. It is the first P2O game based on decentralization and process distribution. It is a game combined with NFT hero functions and token economy, and there is a privilege that can exchange in-game goods with tokens, and the game token economy can be maintained.

Based on these strategic BM's and gameability, Comes Holdings expects to expand global users' global users and increase sales, and in addition to the main games of Com2S Group, Web 3 games will be on board on PLA.

Comes Holdings aims to be a global major web 3 value chain company that leads the future content market, including blockchain games. Based on the PLA main net, the company plans to preoccupy the web 3 contents market with global major partners in NFT exchanges, game and webtoon platforms, and global major partners with various digital cultural contents. Meanwhile, the virtual asset exchange Coin One, which recently started cooperation with Aka Bank, also expanded its own business.

■ Major Q & A

Q. (Com2uS) Summers War: It's been a while since Chronicle has been released. And I want to know the size of marketing related to the future sales target.

= North America, which combines the US/Canada, accounts for 30%of the cumulative sales of 'Summers War: Arena of Heaven'. In addition to preparing for a separate North American version, the company focuses on its capabilities, and is seeing the possibility of Chronicle's North American success in various ways in addition to the sales trend by region.

Chronicle is expected to show a significant improvement by reflecting the improvement of the improvement of the Korea version and the user response, reflecting the improvement from the beginning of North America. In the western US, North America service was started at 0 o'clock on November 11 and at 17 o'clock in Korea.

Chronicle's North American marketing size is currently planned at 50-100 billion. In partnership with the Google Play Games on PC, some are expected to be synergistic, and the Steam version is also released at the same time. We expect sales of more than 500 million won a day, and we will communicate further if there is an issue.

Q. (Com2uS) Three-Merz War: What is the specific release plan of the game of a blockchain version based on Chronicle?

= 'Hello, Ella', which was launched by Comes Holdings, has been steadily accumulated by the release of various types of blockchain games. Since the application of deviation between regions is not suitable for blockchain application, we are watching the global market game open ecology. Chronicle was preparing to apply a blockchain for complex MMORPGs compared to other genres.

However, there are systems, balance, and contents that have been changed during the Korean version live process, and in the North American version, another aspect can be based on this. Rather than insisting on the plan before the launch, we are preparing for a flexible response. We will focus on live in Korea and the North American version, and at the same time, we will prepare to expand services to other regions and prepare in the form of the best match with Chronicle.

Q. (Com2uS) If you have any parts to share what to think about the performance direction of media subsidiaries, please share it.

I will tell you the results of the approximate media content, including Fiji Wick Studio. Media content subsidiaries have declined slightly due to the base effect after sales increased in 2Q. It is expected to improve gradual earnings according to 3Q's winning projects, company-wide cost reduction efforts and 4Q projects.

In fact, the report released by Warwick Studio will show that 2Q has improved operating profit compared to 1Q. 'My Music Taste' also grew compared to the previous quarter. My Music Taste expects sales growth to increase in the future. As a parent company, we will conduct more effective and efficient management and control to improve subsidiaries. In the future, we will improve its subsidiaries' performance.

Q. (Comes Holdings) What is the new work that will be released in 2023?


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