Cod Warzone 2 The finest settings for high FPS on the PC

In Call of Duty: War zone 2 it depends on the FPS. The more smooth your image, the greater your chance of effectively coming out of a gunfight. We for that reason reveal you the very best settings for the PC so that you can accomplish high FPS.

In Cod: War zone 2, it is very important to use any benefit you can get. Whether its excellent weapons, a sophisticated tactic or perhaps the right graphics settings. We therefore show you the most crucial settings for your FPS listed below.

Keep in mind that these settings will not make you an expert player. They only ensure high repeating rates on your display that will benefit you in the fight.

If you have not yet had a look in War zone 2, there is a trailer here:

COD CARBONE 2: The very best graphics settings

Where do these settings originate from? These settings come from Br Paradox to P Customs's Twitter account. They produce gaming PCs and offer computer parts and optimizations on your PCs.

Now we introduce you to the finest settings. You approach the graphic department and set the following settings:

With this numerous data that your PC needs to determine, your images are automatically reduced per second. These settings that the efficiency of War zone 2 improves, but at the very same time you have no downsides due to the fact that your graphic is a little even worse.

Where do these settings come from? These settings come from Br Paradox to P Customs's Twitter account. Now we introduce you to the best settings.

As an FPS worth, likewise chooses the maximum value of your screen and place your field of view to a high value with which you can cope.

What do these settings do? War zone 2 is a real FPS eater due to its huge map and massive playing world components.

We for that reason show you the finest settings for the PC so that you can attain high FPS.

If you require the best settings for the War zone 2 gameplay, we have actually picked the right ones for you: crucial settings that make you better in COD War zone 2.

We for that reason show you the most essential settings for your FPS listed below.

  • Qualmish presets: own
  • Render resolution: 100
  • Antialiasing: SAA T2X
  • Antialiasing quality: normal
  • Graphics memory scaling: 90
  • Texture resolution: regular
  • Anisotropic texture filter: high
  • Near level: low
  • In-depth level eliminated: high
  • Bod details: short
  • Particle quality: low
  • Particle quality level: high
  • Bullet sprays & holes: a.
  • Shader quality: medium.
  • Tessellation: off.
  • Path storage: max.
  • Texture streaming on call: off.
  • Streaming quality: normal.
  • Volumetric quality: low.
  • Quality Delayed Physics: Out of.
  • Undersea rays: from.
  • Shadow map resolution: really low.
  • Screen area shadow: off.
  • Point shadow cache: medium.
  • Particle lighting: low.
  • Ambient cover: low.
  • Screen area reflections: from.
  • Fixed reflection quality: low.
  • Weather condition impacts: low.
  • Depth of field: out.
  • World movement blur: off.


  • Weapon motion blur: off.
  • Image sound: 0.00.
  • So let your FPS display.


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