Black Friday at Amazon: Secure offers 30 minutes beforehand

The Black Friday is just around the corner. With a small trick, Amazon customers can secure the bargains before the official start.

Dortmund-With the Black Friday (November 25th), the biggest shopping event of the year is in the starting blocks. As in previous years, Amazon heralds the bargain hunted with the Black-Week a week earlier. If you want to get hold of the offers in front of everyone, you have to take a trick.

Black-Friday: Offers on Amazon only as long as stocks last

The pre-Christmas month is the bargain month par excellence. Finally, the big Black Friday takes place last Friday in November, but some discounts can also be a trap. A few years ago, online retailers and shops have become the Black-Week around this date.

This starts on Amazon exactly one week before the mega shopping day on Friday (November 18) and ends on Monday (November 28). Thus, the discount battle even goes beyond the actual Black Friday (more service news on )

During this period, Amazon has various forms of offer for its customers in the flash, where the products are only available as long as the stock is sufficient. On the one hand, there are always changing offers of the day that are available for 24 hours from midnight.

On the other hand, the online retailer unlocks so-called lightning offers for its customers between 6 a.m. and 7.45 p.m. However, they are only available for six hours each. If you want to get one of the offers, you should be literally at lightning speed, because due to the short period of time, these are usually quickly out of print.

Black-Friday at Amazon: Preparation and speed or prime customer

Since the offers are only available to a limited extent, customers should not only be fast when selecting, but also plan in advance. Which products do I want to buy at all? What do I need? And how much money do I want to spend?

Anyone who asks these questions before the release of the offers is clearly ahead. If these considerations are only made at the time of the offer, other customers could snap away from the products in front of your nose.

There is another trick for real savings hunters to get the offers before the official publication. Amazon Prime subscribers receive the bargains 30 minutes earlier.

Most recently, Amazon increased the prices for a prime subscription, but the first month is free. In order to catch the offers of the Black-Week or Black-Friday at Amazon earlier, a free subscription that can be canceled after the four weeks can be canceled. However, customers will have to do without a service of Amazon Prime in the future.

Amazon also notifies its customers from the discounts via push message. In the best case, this function should be switched on the smartph1. Because then you can no longer miss a discount.

Amazon grants customers longer return deadline

In addition to the mega discounts, Amazon also grants a longer return deadline. Articles that are ordered between November 1st and December 31 do not have to be sent back until January 31, according to the provider. Usually, customers only have a return period of 30 days after ordering the product.


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