Where to get the Soulful Requiem song in Lost Ark?

Lost ark there are several songs that you can learn and which will help you in the game. Some of these songs can transfer you to other areas, while others are used to circumvent certain obstacles. One of these specific songs is called mental detail . Among other things, you can use this song to improve relations with some NPC in the Eaton area. But where exactly to find this song?

Where to find the song SOULFUL REQUIEM in Lost Ark?


The first thing players need to do is make sure that they have access to the Eaton continent. This requires the players to be at 2 with the level of an object of at least 960. At this moment you will need to fill in 60% of the adventurer Eaton's adventurer to get Soulful Requiem.

As soon as you finish this amount of folio, you can get a song, Click with the right mouse button on the icon. Then it will be sent to your inventory which you can open by pressing I on your keyboard. When you do this, you can click the right mouse button song to put it on your character. Having received it, you can perform various tasks in the Faith on area, for example, find hidden Kokomo seeds!

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