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What is PlayStation Stars?

PlayStation Stars is a loyalty program from PlayStation , in which as a PlayStation player on PS4 and PS5 you can meet certain quests (campaigns) to earn you digital collectibles or loyalty points.

Participation in PlayStation Stars is completely free .

How can I register for PlayStation Stars?

You can only take part in the loyalty program via the official PlayStation app for Android and IOS or the PlayStation Stars website. Register via the website with your PlayStation account. Alternatively, open the app on your smartphone or tablet and click on the PlayStation button on the top right of the corner in the corner. The app then leads you through the registration of PlayStation Stars.

PlayStation Stars has not yet been available on PS4 and PS5. However, Sony has announced that a console integration of the loyalty program is being worked on.

PlayStation Stars campaigns-this is how the loyalty program works

In the PlayStation app you can see the current tasks, so-called campaigns, and see how long you still have time to fulfill the quests. Most of the tasks are about playing certain games **-mostly it is enough to start the popular game briefly.

In our guide to the Play Truck/1994 campaign, we'll tell you how you solve the mysterious quest .

In addition to the game tasks, there are also the PlayStation Store campaigns where you have to buy certain games in the PSN store to earn loyalty points.

What rewards do PlayStation Stars offer?

There are two types of rewards for completing campaigns **: digital collective objects and loyalty points.

Digital collective objects

The campaigns in which you have to play certain games usually reward you with digital collective objects. You can issue these collectibles in your profile in a showcase . Other players can admire your collection if you open your profile in the app.

loyalty points

You get loyalty points for the PlayStation store campaigns where you have to buy games. You can redeem the loyalty points in the app for premiums. Furthermore, you currently get 50 loyalty points if you buy a game of a Playstation-Store campaign.


All launch premiums at a glance

At the start of PlayStation Stars, the premiums include special digital collectibles, PlayStation games and PlayStation-Store credit :

Premium | Costs

---|--- Digital collective object | 200 points Senior: Shadows the Twice (full version) | 15,000 points Hades (full version) | 6,250 points Cult of the Lamb (full version) | 6,250 points It Takes Two (full version) | 10,000 points The Quarry (full version) | 17,500 points 5 euros PSN credit | 1,250 points 20 euros PSN credit | 5,000 points

exclusive advantages for Playstation-Plus subscribers

If you are a member of the PlayStation Plus, you will automatically get loyalty points for purchases in the PlayStation store . You will receive this regardless of the currently active Playstation-Store campaign.

Attention : There are no points for charging PSN credit.

What is the PlayStation star status, and how do I improve it?

You can climb up at PlayStation Stars with your account steps and thus unlock other advantages. You can find out how this works and which levels are in the following table:

level Prerequisite Advantages
1 You have joined PlayStation Stars and started playing and completing campaigns. Access to digital collector's pieces, anniversary collector as a reward
2 You bought a full version of a game in the PSN store and received an unusual trophy. Jubilee collector's piece of level 2
3 You bought two full versions of games in the PSN store and received 32 unusual trophies. Jubilee collector's piece of level 3 and birthday collector piece
4 You bought four full versions of games in the PSN store and received 128 unusual trophies. Jubilee collector, prioritized chat forwarding at PlayStation support

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