Microsoft with meta, 'Game Pass+Windows VR'

Microsoft (MS) Satin Nadella CEO appeared in the Meta Connect of the Development Conference, where Meta's future strategy is shared.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO, introduced Nadella, CEO of Adela, on the 11th, in cooperation with MS through the meta-connect keynote speech on the 11th. Nadella also expressed his joy in collaboration with Meta through the video and celebrated the launch of Meta's next-generation headset metaquest pro.

This collaboration focuses on cross devices with Microsoft's work collaboration tools and meta systems. You can use the Tim's Service using the Meta Quest, and you can meet with Tim's users at the Horizon Workroom, Meta's collaboration space, and also use custom avatars.

Oculus announced last year's video meeting cooperation process with Zoom. The collaboration features, Zoom and Tim's, are added to the VR space.

In addition to Tim's, Adela plans to make Microsoft's representative productivity tools, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, to be designed through VR and using metaquests. In addition, Windows 365, a service that allows you to access Windows OS installed on the cloud PC, will also be introduced.

The XBOX game pass, its leading game service, will also be available with Meta Quest VR. Users can play the game on the big screen in the VR through Xbox Cloud Gaming, which can be played by the game pass Ultimate subscribers. However, the service is implemented in a 2D manner that floats the screen instead of a version that has been changed to the 3D experience of the VR headset.

Meanwhile, Nadella's representative said to Zuckerberg's next meeting, saying that he could talk about the VR version of the MS flight simulator.

The cooperation between Microsoft and Meta can be more significant that companies that lead the metals market have joined hands beyond simply collaborating with large companies.

Microsoft has continued its business-oriented service through its representative AR device, Hold Lens. Meta has evolved to find more diverse fun in the meta through social services early. In addition, it was predicted that the Meta Quest Pro will be further expanded to the business area, and competition with Microsoft will be inevitable.

However, the two companies chose to share their strengths with each other through collaboration.

Meanwhile, Meta released the Meta Quest Pro on the day and started pre-sale. The official release of the device is the 25th, and the domestic sales price is set at 2.19 million won.


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