LOL didn't give me just visibility, he showed me who I really am, says ex

Former participant in the 2nd edition of the League of Legends Ult's reality show held in 2021, Jessie, currently is a streamer for Twitch and representative of Odyssey, a product and for the Samsung gamer audience. During azil Game Show 2022, MGG azil had the opportunity to talk to the content creator, who talked about the positive changes that Ult ought to his career, the news in Lol's female competitive scenario and the two Fame sides: inspire the community and be with those who inspire it in everyday life.

The Life Posted 2

My life moved from water to wine in a year. Before the ult I was living in Aracaju, making my lives, but I was not known, and now I'm at BGS, I took VIP credential, I entered MEC Inc., I became influencer, I am part of a Squad from Samsung, I am the and ambassador, I got a partnership on Twitch and in November a year ago I have been living in São Paulo. Thanks to the visibility of Ult my life changed a lot, said Jessie, visibly excited by all these achievements.

During BGS, the streamer remained mainly at the Twitch booth, where she took pictures with a series of fans and other influencers as well. During the interview, she mentioned the streamer Her Machado, who cheered for her during reality and helped her win many of the victories mentioned above. It is also worth remembering that in 2022, Jessie also participated in official transmissions of Riot Games azil on CBOL.

When she was eliminated from the Ult, Jessie said she had no idea of the affection she could receive from the community and the great people she admired.

When I took my cell phone, I already expected the haters. When I was going back to the Northeast, I freaked out because Samira Close watched my live, she showed my Instagram, my twitch and Facebook on her live. There were many notifications of people saying,' I came for Samira, we were cheering for you, we love you. ' Bad.

The Ult changed Jessie's life, but that was only possible thanks to her decision to pursue her dream inside LOL. This game helped me a lot to take over as a trans person, because I lived two different nuclei. I had my life and had Jessie no lol and there I could be who I was. He showed who I really am. Thinking about Jessie who was afraid to expose herself, to live her life, to be called by the name she wanted, and see what I'm achieving today, makes me feel a great pride.

Fan and inspiration at the same time

Most people who work with eSports chose to be in this medium for the passion they feel when watching a championship or cheering for pro players. Even famous people in the middle have their own idols and grow with the Ult while seeing their inspirations becoming more affordable, Jessie delighted.

When I left the ult Samira told me: 'Come to my birthday, let's go to the party of Legends and you make up here at home, the address is this.' And I thought, 'My God, Samira Close is calling me For me to make up at her house, out of nowhere! '. I think I have to look as natural as possible alongside these people. Jokes here on Twitch, I was trembling seeing him, and he is super friendly. It's surreal, I watched these People in my house, and now they know me, you know my name, talk to me. It's surreal for you to go from a Viewer for people to know your name.

On the other hand, Jessie has become a great inspiration for many people after her participation in the Ult, especially for those who are part of the LGBTQIA+community. To MGG, she told more about how she feels being an example for many people.


On my first day, two people came to talk to me to ask for a picture, and I was looking around and thinking 'is it with me?' And they 'yes, it's with you!'. There was a boy who came to talk to me in pounds, said I was very cute. I lost my mother recently, and I can only think about where I arrived and how proud she would be like that all recognition. [...] These things are surreal and inexplicable.

LOL's feminine competitive scenario

Jessie, who has participated in an international League of Legends tournament, the Girl Gamer Festival 2020, participated in the female scene for a long time and was excited on social networks with the arrival of the long-awaited first official female tour organized by Riot Games azil: GNIS Cup-A First Flame, which will have $110,000 of awards.

During the interview, Jessie also talked about whether to participate in the championship.

I participated in some tests, but the tournament starts on Thursday (13), because of BGS I didn't think much about participating as a player, I'm thinking more about creating content, suddenly if Riot wants to call me as guest. In this tournament I was not focused on participating, but I told all the girls who came to me who even not participating, I am in the first row lifting the flag and doing my best to happen. Three trans girls were very afraid and afraid to participate, I talked to them, helped as much as I could, and they created the courage to slap. Even not participating as a player, I'm encouraging people to seek their dreams, this is already a big role in the community.

Finally, the streamer told more about how it feels in this role of encouraging in the scenario.

I like it, because before we had dripped cats alone, it was very limited, you already knew how many girls would participate. Today there are teams that I don't even know the players, this is very good. I do not feel this responsibility as a big weight, I am opening this door For me to pass and others go along, because the walk does not start with me and ends in me, I will not stay here forever. So I want to leave the field as clean as possible for others to pass too.

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