Many thanks to Simakala's shot: Osnabrück ended without a winning

After his debut and 3: 4 loss at CFB Oldenburg, Osnabrück's instructor Tobias Schweinsteiger made three changes: Kleinhansl, June and High started for Haas, Pu taro and captain Harder (all three bank, especially with the latter that was astounding). WE coach Christoph Borowski, on the other hand, relied on the eleven, who had won the first win of the season with the 2-1 against Erzgebirge AUE.

In front of a great backdrop Osnabrück took the booklet of action and made the video game. Essen stood compact and also prowled on counterattacks from a good fundamental order. There was the initial chance according to a requirement for the guests, Rios Alonso placed a flight head round from a couple of meters (12th).

Himalaya finished from the rotation


Essen fled, however the guests could not even make the objective after the break, likewise due to the fact that the residence side were really excellent. However, there was still a minute of scare for VFL, Bastions met in the 2nd min of stoppage time to make up for a meant compensation, however the defensive male was clearly offside at Youthful's shot. After 6 video games straight, Osnabrück was once again able to commemorate a trio without triumph (three draws, 3 defeats).

When it comes to ownership of the ball, it was more well-balanced after the break, Essen only had the trouble that incredibly little passed. Osnabrück, on the other hand, had a good chance of 2-0 soon after the reboot, GAFI stopped working from a brief range from Gold (49. ).

VFL had extra belongings of the ball, yet did not understand much about it at. In the offensive video game, the ideas were missing, the portable WE protection might not be placed in danger. The house side also obtained a great chance after a requirement: Himalaya's complimentary kick extended Rescue by coincidence in the direction of the objective, Gold went long and also took the sphere out of the left edge (33. ). This scene provided VFL Mutant just a short time later it was 1-0 for the house side: Trade provided the round with the fifth and also discovered Himalaya, that technically totally completed the rotation. With this 1-0 lead for the hosts as a result of the video game shares, we likewise went into the cabins.

In front of a terrific backdrop Osnabrück took the booklet of activity as well as made the game. Osnabrück, on the various other hand, had a good opportunity of 2-0 shortly after the reboot, GAFI failed from a brief distance from Gold (49. ). After 6 video games in a row, Osnabrück was once again able to celebrate a threesome without triumph (3 draws, 3 beats).

On the other hand, Osnabrück proceeds next Sunday (1 p.m.) with the battle against SC Freiburg II WE is already sought after on Wednesday, in the state mug against 1. FC Sulfate, before the following Monday (7 p.m.) of the 1st FC Saarbrücken in the stadium on Hafenstrasse.


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